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Nature : international weekly journal of science . – London, UK : Nature Publishing Group, 2000-    . – ISSN0028-0836. - Received: vol. 405, no. 678 (1 June 2000)


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Nature: international weekly journal of science


Marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor:


Brief communications :

Pacific leatherback turtles face extinction / Spotila, J.R. ; Reina, R.D. ; Steyermark, A.C. ; Plotkin, P.T. ; Paladino, F.V. (Nature vol. 405, no. 6786, pp. 529, 2000)


Letters to Nature :

Old radiocarbon ages in the southwest Pacific Ocean during the last glacial period and deglaciation / Sikes, E.L. ; Samson, C.R. ; Guilderson, T.P. ; Howard, W.R. (Nature vol. 405, no. 6786, pp. 555-558, 2000)

Acta Adriatica



Professor Tonko Soljan, Ph.D. (1907-1980) initiating and leading of HVAR Expedition / Kacic, I. -  (page 5-11)


Fishing technique from HVAR Expedition until today / Cetinic, P. -  (page 29-32)


Some ecological aspects of juvenile anchovy,  Engraulis encrasicolus  (L.), under the estuarine conditions (Novigrad Sea-Central Eastern Adriatic) / Sinovcic, G. -  (page 99-107)


Some basic characteristics of Croatian marine fisheries and its legal regulation / Cetinic, P.; Soldo, A. -  (page 91-97)

A review : Adriatic groupers : status of natural populations and breeding perspectives / Glamuzina, B.; Skaramuca, B. -  (page 79-90)

Review of long-term changes in trammel bottom set catches, crustacean, cephalopoda and fish communities along the Eastern Adriatic (Croatian) coastal area / Jardas, I. -  (page 67-78)

Spatial and temporal distributions of some demersal fish populations in the Adriatic Sea described by GIS technique / Jukic, S.; Vrgoc, N.; Dadic, V.; Krstulovic-Sifner, S.; Piccinetti, C.; Marceta, B. -  (page 55-66)

Oceanographic properties of the Adriatic Sea : a point of view / Zore-Armanda, M.; Grbec, B.; Morovic, M. -  (page 39-54)

A review on published reports of the HVAR Expedition / Jardas, I.; Krstulovic, N. -  (page 23-28)

A review of oceanographical and biological investigations of HVAR Expedition / Marasovic, I.; Krstulovic, N. -  (page 19-22)

Professor Otmar Karlovac, Ph.D. (1902-1980) ideas and realisation of the HVAR Expedition / Sinovcic, G. -  (page 13-18)

Environmental variability, mortality of fish larvae and recruitment / Coombs, S.H. -  (page 109-122)


Aquatic Ecology




On the use by birds of intertidal areas of the Tagus estuary: implications for management / Moreira, F. -  (page 301-309)

Do fish communities function as biotic vectors of organic matter between salt marshes and marine coastal waters? / Lefeuvre, J.-C.; Laffaile, P.; Feunteun, E. -  (page 293-299)

Changes in the Tagus nursery function for commercial fish species: some perspectives for management / Costa, M.J.; Cabral, H.N -  (page 287-292)

Occurrence of vertebral deformities in Gobiidae (Pisces) from the Tagus estuary / Lopes Da Cunha, P.; Antunes, M.M. -  (page 281-285)

Organotin in the Tagus estuary / De Bettencourt, A.M.M.; Andreae, M.O.; Cais, Y.; Gomes, M.L.; Schebek, L.; Vilas Boas, L.F.; Rapsomanikis, S. -  (page 271-280)

DDT concentrations in surficial sediments of three estuarine systems in Portugal / Gil, O.; Vale, C. -  (page 263-269)

Interactions of light, temperature and inorganic nitrogen in controlling planktonic nitrogen utilisation in the Tagus estuary / Cabrita, M.T.; Catarino, F.; Slawyk, G. -  (page 251-261)

Fortnightly light and temperature variability in estuarine intertidal sediments and implications for microphytobenthos primary productivity / Serôdio, J.; Catarino, F. -  (page 235-241)

The impact of European Directives on estuarine and coastal science and management / Elliot, M.; Fernandes, T.F.; De Jonge, V.N. -  (page 311-321)

Phytoplankton spring bloom in the Tagus coastal waters: hydrological and chemical conditions / Cabeçadas, L.; Brogueira, M.J.; Cabeçadas, G. -  (page 243-250)

Wind-induced sand transport in Tagus estuarine beaches / Freire, P.; Andrade, C. -  (page 225-233)




Ecology of a cyanobacterial mat community in a Korean thermal wastewater stream / Kim, B. -  (page 331-338)


A photographic method for estimating chlorophyll in periphyton on artificial substrata / Saravia, A.; Giorgi, A.; Momo, F.R. -  (page 325-330)

Competition between  Brachionus calyciflorus  (Pallas) and  Brachionus patulus  (Müller) (Rotifera) in relation to algal food concentration and initial population density / Sarma, S.S.S.; Fernández Araiza, M.A.; Nandini,S. -  (page 339-345)

Selective grazing on  Cryptomonas  by  Ceriodaphnia quadrangula  fed a natural phytoplankton assemblage / Gladyshev, M.I.; Temerova, T.A.; Dubovskaya, O.P.; Kolmakov, V.I.; Ivanova, E.A. -  (page 347-353)

The extinction of  Arctodiaptomus alpinus  (Copepoda) following the introduction of charr into a small alpine lake Dvojno Jezero (NW Slovenia) / Brancelj, A. -  (page 355-361)

Transfer of microcontaminants from sediment to chironomids, and the risk for the Pond bat  Myotis dasycneme  (Chiroptera) preying on them / Reinhold, J.O.; Hendriks, A.J.; Slager, L.K.; Ohm,  -  (page 363-376)

Distribution of filter-feeding caddisflies (Trichoptera) and plankton drift in a Swedish lake-outlet stream / Hoffsten, P. -  (page 377-386)

Seston composition and the potential for  Daphnia  growth / De Lange, H.J.; Arts, M.T. -  (page 387-398)


Boreal Environment Research




Monitoring the recovery of a polluted lake with biomarkers: responses of whitefish ( Coregonus lavaretus  L.  s.l. ) experimentally exposed to pulp and paper mill effluents / Karels, A.; Soimasuo, M.; Suutari, R.; Oikari, A. -  (page 53-65)

Comprehensive approach to the rehabilitation and management of Vesijärvi, a lake in southern Finland / Suoraniemi, M.; Laine, S.; Malinen, T.; Törmänen, A.-I.; Luokkanen, E.; Kairesalo, T. -  (page 1-13)

The recovery of Vesijärvi, a lake in southern Finland: water quality and phytoplankton interpretations / Keto, J.; Tallberg, P. -  (page 15-26)

Retention of suspended solids and sediment bound nutrients from peat harvesting sites with peak runoff control, constructed floodplains and sedimentation ponds / Kløve, B. -  (page 81-94)

Restoration of eutrophicated Köyliönjärvi (SW Finland) through fish removal: whole-lake vs. mesocosm experiences / Sarvala, J.; Ventelä, A.-M.; Helminen, H.; Hirvonen, A.; Saarikari, V.; Salonen, S.; Sydänoja, A.; Vuorio, K. -  (page 39-52)

Effects of modifications on the hydraulics of Denil fishways / Kamula, R.; Bärthel, J. -  (page 67-79)

Contributions of diffuse and point sources to the phosphorus loads in the River Main over a 22-year period / Foy, R.H.; Lennox, S.D -  (page 27-37)


ICES Identification Leaflets for diseases and parasites of fish and shellfish



 Stephanostomum tenue  in marine aquaculture of rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss ) / McGladdery, S.E.; Olivier, G.


Gaffkemia, a bacterial disease of lobsters: genus  Homarus  / Stewart, J.E.; Marks, L.J.


 Diplostomum spathaceum  larvae (Diplostomis)(Digenea) in fish / Höglund, J.; Olivier, G.


Pasteurellosis / Romalde, J.L.; Magariños, B.; Toranzo, A.E.



 Flexibacter maritimus , causal agent of flexibacteriosis in marine fish / Santos, Y.; Pazos, F.; Barja, J.L.; Olivier, G.


Streptococcosis of marine fish / Romalde, J.L.; Toranzo, A.E.


Journal of Crustacean Biology




Genital structures and spermatophore placement in female Paradiaptominae (Copepoda, Calanoida, Diaptomidae) / Defaye, D.; Cuoc, C.; Brunet, M. -  (page 245-261)

First recognition of the Cheiragonidae (Decapoda) in the fossil record and comparison of the family with the Atelecyclidae / Schweitzer, C.E.; Salva, E.W. -  (page 285-298)

Larval development of  Philyra platychira  (Decapoda, Leucosiidae) reared in the laboratory / Sook Ko, H. -  (page 309-319)

Two new species of  Cletocamptus  (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) from Galápagos, closely related to the cosmopolitan  C. deitersi  / Mielke, W. -  (page 273-284)

Distributional patterns of the South American species of  Boeckella  (Copepoda, Centropagidae): a track analysis / Menu-Marque, S.; Morrone, J.J.; Locascio de Mitrovich, C. -  (page 262-272)

Effects of eyestalk ablation at different times of the year on molting and reproduction of the estuarine grapsid crab  Chasmagnathus granulata  (Decapoda, Brachyura) / Stella, V.S.; López Greco, L.S.; Rodríguez, E.M. -  (page 239-244)

Plastid endosymbionts in the freshwater crustacean  Daphnia obtusa  / Chang, N.; Jenkins, D.G -  (page 231-238)

Occurence of protandric hermaphroditism in a population of the Neotropical freshwater crayfish  Parastacus brasiliensis  (Parastacidae) / de Almeida, A.O.; Buckup, L. -  (page 224-230)

Elimination of sequestered material from the gills of decapod crustaceans / Martin, G.G.; Quintero, M.; Quigley, M.; Khosrovian, H. -  (page 209-217)

New hosts, prevalence, and density of the ellobiopsid parasite  Thalassomyces fagei  on euphausiids in Prince William Sound, Alaska / Mooney, J.R.; Shirley, T.C. -  (page 320-325)

Feeding, temporal and spatial preferences of  Metopograpsus thukuhar  (Decapoda, Grapsidae): an opportunistic mangrove dweller / Fratini, S.; Cannicci, S.; Abincha, L.M.; Vannini, M. -  (page 326-333)

The effects of temperature, body size, and hydration state on the terrestrial locomotion of the crayfish  Orconectes rusticus  / Claussen, D.L.; Hopper, R.A.; Sanker, A.M. -  (page 218-223)

Cytogenetics of the amphipod  Jassa marmorata  (Corophioidea, Ischyroceridae): karotype morphology, chromosome banding, fluorescent  in situ  hybridization, and nuclear DNA content / Libertini, A.; Stella Colomba, M.; Vitturi, R. -  (page 350-356)

Phylogenetic and biogeographical history of the genus  Ishizakiella  (Ostracoda) inferred from mitochondrial COI gene sequences / Yamaguchi, S. - (page 357-384)

Elucidation of the phylogenetic relationship of three thecostracans,  Verruca, Paralepas , and  Dendrogaster  based on 18S rDNA sequence / Perl-Treves, R.; Mizrahi, L.; Katcoff, D.J.; Achituv, Y. -  (page 385-392)

Phylogeny of the thoracican barnacles based on 18S rDNA sequences / Harris, D.J.; Maxson, L.S.; Braithwaite, L.F.; Crandall, K.A. -  (page 393-398)

Shell strength and carapace size in non-adult and adult male snow crab ( Chionoecetes opilio ) / Dutil, J.-D.; Rollet, C.; Bouchard, R.; Claxton, W.T. -  (page 399-406)

Heterochely, relative growth, and gonopod morphology in the bythograeid crab,  Austinograea williamsi  (Decapoda, Brachyura) / Tsuchida, S.; Fujikura, K. -  (page 407-414)

Jocelyn Crane (11 June 1909-16 December 1998): a biography and bibliography / Boyko, C.B. -  (page 415-419)

Seasonality and spatial distribution of peracarids associated with the bryozoan  Bugula neritina  in Algeciras Bay, Spain / Conradi, M.; López-González, P.J.; Cervera, J.L.; García-Gómez, J.C. -  (page 334-349)

Comparative biology of two Japanese freshwater crabs  Geothelpusa exigua  and  G. dehaani  (Decapoda, Brachyura, Potamidae) / Okano, T.; Suzuki, H.; Miura, T. -  (page 299-308)


Phuket Marine Biological Center Special


Vol:18(1) 1998


Stomach content in relation to shell length, width, and weight of the gastropod Trochus niloticus L. / Soekendarsi, E.; Palinggi, A.; Santosa, S. -  (page 73-76)


Canning of king abalone (Gastropoda: Chicoreus ramosus) in three media / Patterson, J. -  (page 181-184)

Fishery management and biology of the scallop  Chlamys nobilis  (Reeve) in southern Vietnam / Tuan, V.S. -  (page 83-88)

Aspects of phytoplankton blooms in relation to molluscs and man / Thórarinsdóttir, G.G. -  (page 153-158)

Growth of oyster spat (Crassostrea belcheri) cultured in tyre tray as a function of stocking density / Loaprasert, S.; Pripanapong, S. -  (page 165-168)

Status of bivalve exploitation and farming in the coastal waters of South Vietnam / Tuan, V.S.; Phung, N.H. -  (page 171-174)

Density, abundance and distribution of juvenile molluscs with emphasis on Trochus, Kei Besar Island, Indonesia / Dangeubun, J.C.; Latuihamalo, M. -  (page 59-62)

Effect of light on the zooxanthellae numbers and chlorophyll level in  Tridacna squamosa  / Yasin, Z.B.; Shau-Hwai, A.T. -  (page 89-94)

Gastropod colonisation of intertidal soft and hard bottom substrata influenced by warm water discharge in Cilegon Bay, Indonesia / Setyobudiandi, I.; Damar, A.; Atmadipoera, A.S. -  (page 47-52)

Infaunal sand-dwelling molluscs at Hila, Ambon, Indonesia / Kohn, A.J. -  (page 63-68)

Mollusc culture as a tool for sustainable integrated coastal zone management, Southern Thailand / Tookwinas, S.; Youngvanisset, K. -  (page 177-180)

Growth rates of gastropods and corals on recent lava flow at Banda, Indonesia / Kohn, A.J.; Latuihamalo, M.; Dangeubun, J.C. -  (page 53-58)

Monitoring of planktonic larvae of green mussel, Perna viridis (Linné) in Si Racha Bay, thailand / Yoosukh, W. -  (page 123-124)

Hatchery seed production of the scallop Chlamys nobilis (Reeve, 1852) / Thu, N.T.H. -  (page 161-164)

Predation on  Littoraria scabra  (Linné, 1758)  (Littorinidae: Prosobranchia) in the mangrove of Bunaken Island, North Sulawesi / Boneka, F.B.; Lumingas, L.J.L.; Pratasik, S.B. -  (page 95-98)

Trap fishing for spotted babylon, Babylonia areolata Link, 1807 (Gastropoda) in the eastern Gulf of Thailand / Chaitanawisuti, N.; Kritsanapuntu, A. -  (page 149-152)

Pond culture of macroalgae, Gracilaria cylindrica and Gracilaria verrucosa in Indonesia, with notes on gastropod pests / Soekendarsi, E. -  (page 145-148)

The effect of diazinon and glyphosate (pesticides) on oxygen consumption of the box mussel Septifer bilocularis L. / Lasut, M.T.; Angmalisang, A.P. -  (page 139-144)

Settlement of marine boring bivalve larvae on wood soaked horizontally and vertically in Pelabuhan Ratu Bay, West Java / Yulianda, F. -  (page 125-128)

Recruitment of the box mussel,  Septifer  bilocularis L.: effects of substratum and adult density / Ompi, M. -  (page 41-46)

Attachment to gastropod veliger shells - a possible mechanism of dispersal in benthic foraminiferans / Cedhagen, T.; Middelfart, P. -  (page 117-122)

Larval development and survival rate of giant clam Tridacna squamosa reared under laboratory conditions / Pringgenies, D.; Hartati, R.; Basuki, A. -  (page 113-116)

The reproductive cycle of Tridacna squamosa  and Tridacna maxima at Rengis Island (Tioman Island), Malaysia / Shau-Hwai, A.T.; Yasin, Z.B. -  (page 107-112)

Reproductive biology of Thai freshwater pearl mussel Hyriopsis (Limnoscapha) myersiana  (Lea, 1856) / Nagachinta, A.; Meejui, O. -  (page 103-106)

Reproductive cycle of  Haliotis ovina  Gmelin, 1791 in Nha Trang Bay, South Central Vietnam / Minh, L.D. -  (page 99-102)

Imposex and population characteristics  of Thais distinguenda as an indicator of organotin contamination along the south east coast of Phuket Island, Thailand / Bech, M. -  (page 129-138)


Intertidal bivalves of northern Minahasa, North Sulawesi, Indonesia / Pratasik, S.B.; Ompi, M.; Sekeon, M.Y. -  (page 69-72)

Gut content of blood cockle,  Anadara granosa  (L.), with emphasis on diatoms, Tra Vinh, South Vietnam / Lam, N.N.; Hai, D.N. -  (page 77-82)


Distinctive  behaviour of Thai pygmy squid,  Idiosepius Thailandicus , Chotiyaputta, Okutani & Chaitiamvong, 1991 / Nabhitabhata, J. -  (page 25-40)


Vol:18(2) 1998


An annotated check list of marine bivalves from Chonburi and Rayong provinces, the east coast of Thailand / Sanpanich, K. -  (page 297-306)

A new record of cuttlefish Metasepia tullbergi (Appellöf, 1886) (Sepiidae: Cephalopoda), Gulf of Thailand / Nateewathana, A. -  (page 323-330)

Check list of sublittoral molluscs, with nine new records for the Andaman Sea / Aungtonya, C.; Hylleberg, J. -  (page 317-322)

Diversity of Cephalopoda from the waters around Taiwan / Lu, C.C -  (page 331-340)

Gastropods and bivalves from Thailand, with taxonomic notes and new records / Kilburn, R..; Hylleberg, J. -  (page 311-316)

Taxonomics status of the order Arcoida (Bivalvia) in Vietnam / Tuyen, H.T. -  (page 307-310)

Genus Polinices Montfort, 1810 (Gastropoda:  Naticidae) from northern peninsular Minahasa (Sulawesi, Indonesia) / Lasut, M.T. -  (page 285-296)

Taxonomic problems in the genus Oliva / Tursch, B. -  (page 263-284)

Anatomy of some opisthobranch molluscs from Phuket, Thailand, with a list of Opisthobranchia recorded from Thai waters / Jensen, P.D. -  (page 243-262)

Marine molluscs and molecular markers:  protein electrophoresis / Simonsen, V.; Kittiwattanawong, K. -  (page 223-236)

Cladistics of Ostrincola (Copepoda), a genus of pests in clam culture / Ho, J. -  (page 237-242)





Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 1999 Annual Report. – Woods Hole, MA (USA) : Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2000. – 60 p., ill. : photo’s


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