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(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor)


vol. 410(6828) 2001


Letters to Nature


Simulating the amplification of orbital forcing by ocean feedbacks in the last glaciation / Khodri, M. et al. - (Nature, vol. 410(6828), p. 570-574)



New Scientist


(Marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor)


vol. 169(2282) 2001




Is polar meltdown just hot air? / Jones N. – (New Scientist, vol. 169(2282), p. 16)


vol. 169(2283) 2001




Culture shock / Pain S. – (New Scientist, vol. 169(2283), p. 26-31)





(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor)


vol. 291(5512) 2001




Paleontology : new fossil may change idea of first mollusk /  Sincell M. -  (Science, 291(5512), p. 2292-2294)




Rescuing Venice from a watery grave / Bras R.L. et al. Response Ammerman A.J., McClennen C.E. -  (Science, 291(5512), p. 2315-2316)




Biogenic carbon cycling in the upper ocean: effects of microbial respiration / Rivkin R.B., Legendre L. -  (Science, 291(5512), p. 2398-2400)


vol. 291(5513) 2001




Marine mammalogy : river dolphins add branches to family tree / Normile D. -  (Science, 291(5513), p. 2531-2532)




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