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OPEN MARINE ARCHIVE (OMA):  the open repository of publications by Flemish/Belgian scientists.

Ampe, C. (2005) Gebiedsvisie voor het Vlaams natuurreservaat “de Zwinduinen en –polders”: luik bodem. AMINAL, Afdeling Natuur & Universiteit Gent: Brussel, Belgium. 69 pp., details

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Van Nieuwenhuyse, H.; Leten, M.; Herrier, J.-L. ([S.a.]) Beheersplan voor het Vlaams Natuurreservaat Ter Yde, deelgebied IWVA-domein te Koksijde (Oostduinkerke). Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, AMINAL, Afdeling Natuur, Cel Kustzonebeheer: Brugge, Belgium. 48 pp., details



(for details on articles in these issues: see paragraph 'Articles & papers')

Nature: international weekly journal of science. London, UK: Nature Publishing Group. ISSN 0028-0836. Vol. 444(7118) 2006 (holdings, look here)

Science. American Association for the Advancement of Science: Washington DC, USA. ISSN 0036-8075. Vol. 314(5802-5803) 2006 (holdings, look here)

Scientia Marina (Barcelona). Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. Institut de Ciènces del Mar: Barcelona, Spain. ISSN 0214-8358. Vol. 70(Suppl. 2) 2006 (holdings, look here)

Senckenbergiana Maritima: International Journal of Marine Sciences. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung: Stuttgart, Germany. ISSN 0080-889X. Vol. 35(2) 2005 (holdings, look here)

 Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. Linnean Society of London: London, UK. ISSN 0024-4082. vol. 148(3) 2006 (holdings, look here)



(for details on articles in these issues: see paragraph 'Articles & papers')

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Nature: international weekly journal of science [Nature (Lond.)]

(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor)

vol. 444(7118) 2006

Research highlights

Lewin, R. (2006) A marine biologist sees the potential of cyanobacteria, and the benefits of their renaming. Nature (Lond.) 444(7118): 405, details


Dalton, R. (2006) Tragedy increases woes of US ice fleet. Nature (Lond.) 444(7118): 408, details

Letters to Nature

Madin, J.S.; Connolly, S.R. (2006) Ecological consequences of major hydrodynamic disturbances on coral reefs. Nature (Lond.) 444(7118): 477-480, details


Science (Washington) [Science (Wash.)]

(marine science related articles in issues received, selection by editor)

vol. 314(5802) 2006

News of the week

Kerr, R.A. (2006) False alarm: Atlantic conveyor belt hasn't slowed down after all. Science (Wash.) 314(5802): 1064, details


vol. 314(5803) 2006


Wagner, P.J.; Kosnik, M.A.; Lidgard, S. (2006) Abundance distributions imply elevated complexity of Post-Paleozoic marine ecosystems. Science (Wash.) 314(5803): 1289-1292, details

Science Express

Tolstoy, M.; Cowen, J.P.; Baker, E.T.; Fornari, D.J.; Rubin, K.H.; Shank, T.M.; Waldhauser, F.; Bohnenstiehl, D.R.; Forsyth, D.W.; Love, B.; Perfit, M.R.; Weekly, R.T.; Soule, S.A.; Glazer, B. (2006) A seafloor spreading event captured by seismometers. Science (Wash.) 314(5803): 10.1126/science.1133950, details


Scientia Marina (Barcelona) [Sci. Mar. (Barc.)]

vol. 70(Suppl. 2) 2006

Pegg, G.G.; Sinclair, B.; Briskey, L.; Aspden, W.J. (2006) MtDNA barcode identification of fish larvae in the southern Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(Suppl. 2): 7-12, details

García-Vázquez, E.; Álvarez, P.; Lopes, P.; Karaiskou, N.; Pérez, J.; Teia, A.; Martínez, J.L.; Gomes, L.; Triantaphyllidis, C. (2006) PCR-SSCP of the 16S rRNA gene, a simple methodology for species identification of fish eggs and larvae. Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(Suppl. 2): 13-21, details

Palace, V.; Werner, J. (2006) Vitamins A and E in the maternal diet influence egg quality and early life stage development in fish: a review. Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(Suppl. 2): 41-57, details

García, A.; Cortés, D.; Ramírez, T.; Fehri-Bedoui, R.; Alemany, F.; Rodríguez, J.M.; Carpena, Á.; Álvarez, J.P. (2006) First data on growth and nucleic acid and protein content of field-captured Mediterranean bluefin (Thunnus thynnus) and albacore (Thunnus alalunga) tuna larvae: a comparative study. Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(Suppl. 2): 67-78, details

García, A.; Cortés, D.; Ramírez, T.; Guisande, C.; Quintanilla, J.; Alemany, F.; Rodríguez, J.M.; Álvarez, J.P.; Carpena, Á. (2006) Field comparison of sardine post-flexion larval growth and biochemical composition from three sites in the W. Mediterranean (Ebro ruppl. 2Expressketsiver coast, bays of Almería and Málaga). Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(Suppl. 2): 79-91, details

Alemany, F.; Álvarez, I.; García, A.; Cortés, D.; Ramírez, T.; Quintanilla, J.; Álvarez, F.; Rodríguez, J.M. (2006) Postflexion larvae and juvenile daily growth patterns of the Alborán Sea sardine (Sardina pilchardus Walb.): influence of wind. Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(Suppl. 2): 93-104, details

Bakun, A. (2006) Fronts and eddies as key structures in the habitat of marine fish larvae: opportunity, adaptive response and competitive advantage. Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(Suppl. 2): 105-122, details

García-Isarch, E.; Juárez, A.; Ruiz, J.; Romero, Z.; Jiménez, P.; Baldo, F. (2006) Spawning and nursery habitat of the wedge sole Dicologlossa cuneata (Moreau, 1881) in the Gulf of Cádiz (SW Spain). Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(Suppl. 2): 123-136, details

Zarrad, R.; Missaoui, H.; Alemany, F.; Salah, R.M.; García, A.; Ridha, M.; Othman, J.; Amor, E.A. (2006) Spawning areas and larval distributions of anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus in relation to environmental conditions in the Gulf of Tunis (Central Mediterranean Sea). Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(Suppl. 2): 137-146, details

Koubbi, P.; Loots, C.; Cotonnec, G.; Harlay, X.; Grioche, A.; Vaz, S.; Martin, C.; Walkey, M.; Carpentier, A. (2006) Spatial patterns and GIS habitat modelling of Solea solea, Pleuronectes flesus and Limanda limanda fish larvae in the eastern English Channel during the spring. Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(Suppl. 2): 147-157, details

Shoji, J.; Tanaka, M. (2006) Influence of spring river flow on the recruitment of Japanese seaperch Lateolabrax japonicus into the Chikugo estuary, Japan. Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(Suppl. 2): 159-164, details

Chang, M.-Y.; Wang, C.-H.; You, C.-F.; Tzeng, W.-N. (2006) Individual-based dispersal patterns of larval gobies in an estuary as indicated by otolith elemental fingerprints. Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(Suppl. 2): 165-174, details


Senckenbergiana Maritima [Senckenb. Mar.]

vol. 35(2) 2005

Southward, A.J. (2005) Systematics and ecology of a new species of stalked barnacle (Cirripedia: Thoracica: Scalpellomorpha: Eolepadidae: Neolepadini) from the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge at 38°S. Senckenb. Mar. 35(2): 147-156, details

Swanson, K.M.; Jellinek, T.; Malz, H. (2005) The platycopine condition: new observations on reproduction, respiration and feeding in living, deep-sea Platycopina (Crustacea, Ostracoda). Senckenb. Mar. 35(2): 157-187, details

Hertweck, G.; Wehrmann, A.; Liebezeit, G.; Steffens, M. (2006) Ichnofabric zonation in modern tidal flats: palaeoenvironmental and palaeotrophic implications. Senckenb. Mar. 35(2): 189-201, details

Diedrich, C. (2005) Actuopalaeontological trackway experiments with Iguana on intertidal flat carbonates of the Arabian Gulf - a comparison to fossil Rhynchosauroides tracks of Triassic carbonate tidal flat megatracksites in the European Germanic Basin. Senckenb. Mar. 35(2): 203-220, details

Rinne, E.; Rygg, E.; Senneset, L.; Paetzel, M.; Liebezeit, G. (2005) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in surface sediments of the outer Jade Bay, southern North Sea. Senckenb. Mar. 35(2): 221-233, details


Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society [Zool. J. Linn. Soc.]

vol. 148(3) 2006

Bieler, R.; Mikkelsen, P.M. (2006) Bivalvia - a look at the Branches. Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 148(3): 223-235, details

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