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Conley, D.J.; Paerl, H.W.; Howarth, R.W.; Boesch, D.F.; Seitzinger, S.P.; Havens, K.E.; Lancelot, C.; Likens, G.E. (2009) Controlling eutrophication: nitrogen and phosphorus. Science (Wash.) 323(5917): 1014-1015, details

Danovaro, R.; Canals, M.; Gambi, C.; Heussner, S.; Lampadariou, N.; Vanreusel, A. (2009) Exploring benthic biodiversity patterns and hotspots on European margin slopes. Oceanography 22(1): 16-25, details

Degheselle, O. (2007) Het effect van cadmiumtoxiciteit op stamcellen in M. lignano. MSc Thesis. Universiteit Hasselt: Hasselt, Belgium. 43 pp., details

Vanreusel, A.; Andersen, A.C.; Boetius, A.; Connelly, D.P.; Cunha, M.R.; Decker, C.; Hilario, A.; Kormas, K.A.; Maignien, L.; Olu, K.; Pachiadaki, M.; Ritt, B.; Rodrigues, C.F.; Sarrazin, J.; Tyler, P.; Van Gaever, S.; Vanneste, H. (2009) Biodiversity of cold seep ecosystems along the European margins. Oceanography 22(1): 110-127, details



Carlson, C.A.; Giovannoni, S.J. (Ed.) (2009) Annual Review of Marine Science, 1. Annual Reviews: California, CA (USA). ISBN 978-0-8243-4501-3. 466 pp., details

Lauff, G.H. (Ed.) (1967). Estuaries. American Association for the Advancement of Science Publication, 33. AAAS: Washington DC, USA. XV, 757 pp., details



American Association for the Advancement of Science Publication

Lauff, G.H. (Ed.) (1967). Estuaries. American Association for the Advancement of Science Publication, 33. AAAS: Washington (DC) USA. XV, 757 pp.


  • Pritchard, D.W. What is an estuary: physical viewpoint, details
  • Caspers, H. Estuaries: analysis of definitions and biological considerations, details
  • Emery, K.O. Estuaries and lagoons in relation to continental shelves, details
  • Bowden, K.F. Circulation and diffusion, details
  • Pritchard, D.W. Observations of circulation in coastal plain estuaries, details
  • Hansen, D.V. Salt balance and circulation in partially mixed estuaries, details
  • Rattray, M. Some aspects of the dynamics of circulation in fjords, details
  • Sælen, O.H. Some features of the hydrography of Norwegian fjords, details
  • Mangelsdorf Jr., P.C. Salinity measurements in estuaries, details
  • Horrer, P.L. Methods and devices for measuring currents, details
  • Russell, R.J. Origins of estuaries, details
  • Steers, J. Geomorphology and coastal processes, details
  • Redfield, A.C. On the ontogeny of a salt marsh estuary, details
  • Morgan, J.P. Ephemeral estuaries of the deltaic environment, details
  • Jennings, J.N.; Bird, E.C.F. Regional geomorphological characteristics of some Australian estuaries, details
  • Schou, A. Estuarine research in the Danish Moraine Archipelago, details
  • Guilcher, A. Origin of sediments in estuaries, details
  • Postma, H. Sediment transport and sedimentation in the estuarine environment, details
  • Rusnak, G.A. Rates of sediment accumulation in modern estuaries, details
  • Battjes, J.A. Quantitative research on littoral drift and tidal inlets, details
  • Reineck, H.-E. Layered sediments of tidal flats, beaches, and shelf bottoms of the North Sea, details
  • De Vriese Klein, G. comparison of recent and ancient tidal flat and estuarine sediments, details
  • Gorsline, D.S. Contrasts in coastal bay sediments on the Gulf and Pacific Coasts, details
  • Biggs, R.B. The sediments of Chesapeake Bay, details
  • McMaster, R.L. Compactness variability of estuarine sediments: an in situ study, details
  • Nichols, M.M.; Ellison, R.L. Sedimentary patterns of microfauna in a coastal plain estuary, details
  • Lackey, J.B. The microbiota of estuaries and their roles, details   
  • Van Uden, N. Occurrence and origin of yeasts in estuaries, details
  • Patrick, R. Diatom communities in estuaries, details
  • Riley, G.A. The plankton in estuaries, details
  • Ketchum, B.H. Phytoplankton nutrients in estuaries, details
  • Goldman, C.R. Integration of field and laboratory experiments in productivity studies, details
  • Collier, A. Fatty acids in certain plankton organisms, details
  • Hellebust, J.A. Excretion of organic compounds by cultured and natural populations of marine phytoplankton, details
  • Stephens, G.C. Dissolved organic material as a nutritional source for marine and estuarine invertebrates, details
  • Darnell, R.M. The organic detritus problem, details
  • Darnell, R.M. Organic detritus in relation to the estuarine ecosystem, details
  • Odum, E.P.; de la Cruz, A.A. Particulate organic detritus in a Georgia salt marsh-estuarine system, details
  • Krey, J. Detritus in the ocean and adjacent sea, details
  • Hedgpeth, J.W. Ecological aspects of the Laguna Madre, a hypersaline estuary, details
  • Walsh, G.E. An ecological study of a Hawaiian mangrove swamp, details
  • Carriker, M.R. Ecology of estuarine benthic invertebrates: a perspective, details
  • Cassie, R.M. Mathematical models for the interpretation of inshore plankton communities, details
  • Margalef, R. Laboratory analogues of estuarine plankton systems, details
  • Kinne, O. Physiology of estuarine organisms with special reference to salinity and temperature: general aspects, details
  • Dehnel, P.A. Osmotic and ionic regulation in estuarine crabs, details
  • Segal, E. Physiological response of estuarine animals from different lattitudes, details
  • Vernberg, F.J. Some future problems in the physiological ecology of estuarine animals, details
  • Muus, B.J. Some problems facing the ecologist concerning races and subspecies of brackish-water animals, details
  • Burbanck, W.D. Evolutionary and ecological implications of the zoogeography, physiology and morphology of Cyathura (Isopoda), details
  • Battaglia, B. Genetic aspects of benthic ecology in brackish waters, details
  • McHugh, J.L. Estuarine nekton, details
  • Gunter, G. Some relationships of estuaries to the fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico, details
  • Pillay, T.V.R. Estuarine fisheries in West Africa, details
  • Pillay, T.V.R. Estuarine fisheries of the Indian Ocean coastal zone, details
  • Korringa, P. Estuarine fisheries in Europe as affected by man's multiple activities, details
  • Cronin. The role of man in the estuarine processes, details
  • Bartsch, A.F. et al.. Technical approaches toward evaluating estuarine pollution problems, details

Annual Review of Marine Science

Carlson, C.A.; Giovannoni, S.J. (Ed.) (2009) Annual Review of Marine Science, 1. Annual Reviews: Carlifornia, CA (USA). ISBN 978-0-8243-4501-3. 466 pp.

  • Broecker, W.S. Wally’s quest to understand the ocean’s CaCO3 cycle, details
  • McClain, C.R. A decade of satellite ocean color observations, details
  • Vraspir, J.M.; Butler, A. Chemistry of marine ligands and siderophores, details
  • Burd, A.B.; Jackson, G.A. Particle aggregation, details
  • Moore, T. et al.. Marine chemical technology and sensors for marine waters: potentials and limits, details
  • Gedan, K.B. et al.. Centuries of human-driven change in salt marsh ecosystems, details
  • Cordes, E.E. et al.. Macro-ecology of Gulf of Mexico cold seeps, details
  • Doney, S.C. et al.. Ocean acidification: the other CO2 problem, details
  • Hay, M.E. Marine chemical ecology: chemical signals and cues structure marine populations, communities, and ecosystems, details
  • Wanninkhof, R. et al.. Advances in quantifying air-sea gas exchange and environmental forcing, details
  • Mahowald, N. et al.. Atmospheric iron deposition: global distribution, variability, and human perturbations, details
  • Ducklow, H.W. et al.. Contributions of long-term research and time-series observations to marine ecology and biogeochemistry, details
  • Hester, K.C.; Brewer, P.G. Clathrate hydrates in nature, details
  • Breitburg, D.L. et al.. Hypoxia, nitrogen, and fisheries: integrating effects across local and global landscapes, details
  • Klein, P.; Lapeyre, G. The oceanic vertical pump induced by mesoscale and submesoscale turbulence, details
  • Munk, W. An inconvenient sea truth: spread, steepness, and skewness of surface slopes, details
  • Perovich, D.K.; Richter-Menge, J.A. Loss of sea ice in the Arctic, details
  • Cowen, R.K.; Sponaugle, S. Larval dispersal and marine population connectivity, details

Aquac. Int. 17(1) 2009

  • Sui, L.Y. et al.. Effect of dietary soybean lecithin on reproductive performance of Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis (H. Milne-Edwards) broodstock, details
  • Simontacchi, C. et al.. Whole-body concentrations of cortisol and sex steroids in white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus, Richardson 1836) during early development and stress response, details
  • Kritsanapuntu, S. et al.. Growth and water quality for growing-out of juvenile spotted Babylon, Babylonia areolata, at different water-exchange regimes in a large-scale operation of earthen ponds, details
  • Hipólito-Morales, A. et al.. Use of Microbacterium sp. and Exiguobacterium mexicanum to improve the survival and development of Artemia under xenic conditions, details
  • Okamura, A. et al.. Assessing sexual maturity of feminized Japanese eel Anguilla japonica by measuring eye size, details

Gloria Maris 47(4) 2008

  • Rolán, E.; De Oliveira, A. A new species of Anachis (Prosobranchia: Columbellidae) from the Cape Verde archipelago, details
  • Rolán, E.; De Oliveira, A. A new species of Rissoa (Prosobranchia: Rissoidae) from the Cape Verde archipelago, details
  • Monsecour, D.; Fraussen, K. Marine Mollusca from Mozambique: Harpidae, details
  • Monsecour, D.; Fraussen, K. Marine Mollusca from Mozambique: Pleurotomariidae, details



Nature (Lond.) 457(7233) 2009

  • Witze, A. Antarctica's impossible peaks come into view, details [News]
  • Schiermeier, Q. Harbour threat for coelacanths, details [News]
  • Dalton, R. Seabed images create waves, details [News]
  • Barker, S. et al.. Interhemispheric Atlantic seesaw response during the last deglaciation, details [Articles]



Science (Wash.) 323(5917) 2009

  • Conley, D.J. et al.. Controlling eutrophication: nitrogen and phosphorus, details [Policy forum]
  • Lissenberg, C.J. et al.. Zircon dating of oceanic crustal accretion, details [Reports]
  • Durham, W.M. et al.. Disruption of vertical motility by shear triggers formation of thin phytoplankton layers, details [Reports]



Marine Board  (2008) Marine Board annual report 2007. European Science Foundation, Marine Board: Oostende, Belgium. 27 pp., details



Harris, G.J.; Morgan, E. (1984) Entrainment of the circatidal rhythm of the estuarine amphipod Corophium volutator (Pallas) to non-tidal cycles of inundation and exposure in the laboratory. J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 80(3): 235-245, details



Degheselle, O. (2007) Het effect van cadmiumtoxiciteit op stamcellen in M. lignano. MSc Thesis. Universiteit Hasselt: Hasselt, Belgium. 43 pp., details

Tous Rius, A. (2008) La distribution des crustacés décapodes invasifs Hemigrapsus sanguineus (De Haan, 1835) et Hemigrapsus takanoi Asakura & Watanabe, 2005 en Côte d’Opale en 2008. MA Thesis. Université de Lille 1: Lille, France. 85 pp., details



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