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Anh, N.T.N.; Hien, T.T.T.; Mathieu, W.; Hoa, N.V.; Sorgeloos, P. (2009) Effect of fishmeal replacement with Artemia biomass as a protein source in practical diets for the giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii. Aquacult. Res. 40(6): 669-680, details

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Erfanzadeh, R. (2009) Spatio-temporal aspects of early vegetation succession in a recently restored salt-marsh ecosystem: a case study of the IJzer estuary (Belgium). PhD Thesis. Ghent University. Faculty of Sciences. Department of Biology. Terrestrial Ecology Unit: Gent, Belgium. xii, 206 incl. Appendices pp., details

  • Erfanzadeh, R. (2009) General introduction, details
  • Erfanzadeh, R.; Garbutt, A.; Pétillon, J.; Maelfait, J.-P.; Hoffmann, M. (2009) Factors affecting the success of early salt-marsh colonizers: seed availability rather than site suitability and dispersal traits, details
  • Erfanzadeh, R.; Maelfait, J.-P.; Hoffmann, M. (2009) Inundation frequency determines the post-pioneer successional pathway in a newly created salt-marsh, details
  • Erfanzadeh, R.; Milotic, T.; Pétillon, J.; Maelfait, J.-P.; Hoffmann, M. (2009) Short-term impact of sheep grazing on salt-marsh vegetation succession in a newly created salt-marsh site, details
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  • Erfanzadeh, R. (2009) General conclusions, details



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