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OPEN MARINE ARCHIVE (OMA): the open repository of publications by Flemish/Belgian scientists.

Cuveliers, E.L.; Bolle, L.J.; Volckaert, A.M.; Maes, G.E. (2009) Influence of DNA isolation from historical otoliths on nuclear-mitochondrial marker amplification and age determination in an overexploited fish, the common sole (Solea solea L.). Mol. Ecol. Resour. 9(3): 725-732, details

Depestele, J.; Courtens, W.; Degraer, S.; Derous, S.; Haelters, J.; Hostens, K.; Moulaert, I.; Polet, H.; Rabaut, M.; Stienen, E.; Vandendriessche, S.; Vincx, M. ([2009]) An integrated impact assessment of trammel net and beam trawl fisheries - Project Wako [Poster]. ILVO/Gent University/MUMM/INBO: Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Depestele, J.; Desender, M.; Polet, H.; Van Craeynest, K.; Vincx, M. (2009) Mortality of fish discards in beam trawl fisheries [Poster]. ILVO/Gent University: Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Francken, F.; Hafez, A.M. (2009) A case study in modeling dispersion of yperite and CLARK I and II from munitions at Paardenmarkt, Belgium. Mar. Technol. Soc. J. 43(1): 52-61, details

Moreau, K.; Vanhee, W.; Torreele, E. (2009) From fish to quota [Poster]. Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek (ILVO-Visserij): Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Pecceu, E.; Van Hoey, G.; Wittoeck, J.; Hillewaert, H.; Van Ginderdeuren, K.; Derweduwen, J.; De Backer, A.; Vandendriessche, S.; Hostens, K. (2009) Monitoring and assessment of macrobenthos at the Belgian coast for the Water Framework Directive [Poster]. Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek (ILVO-Visserij): Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Stouten, H.; Heene, A.; Gellynck, X.F.S.M.; Polet, H. (2009) Learning from microworlds: evidence from a fisheries simulation game [Poster]. Instituut voor Landbouw en Visserij-onderzoek (ILVO), Sectie Technisch Visserijonderzoek: Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Van Damme, S.; Dehairs, F.A.; Tackx, M.; Beauchard, O.; Struyf, E.; Gribsholt, B.; Van Cleemput, O.; Meire, P. (2009) Tidal exchange between a freshwater tidal marsh and an impacted estuary: the Scheldt estuary, Belgium. Est., coast. and shelf sci. 85(2): 197-207, details

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Van Ginderdeuren, K.; Hillewaert, H.; Hostens, K.; Vincx, M. (2009) Zooplankton in the southern North Sea and the link with (semi-)pelagic fish and fisheries [Poster]. Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek (ILVO-Visserij): Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Van Hoey, G.; Hostens, K. (2009) How to measure the impact degree of different anthropogenic pressures? [Poster]. Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek (ILVO-Visserij): Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Van Nieuwenhove, K.; Rousseau, V.; Parent, J.-Y.; Lancelot, C.; Delbare, D. (2009) The influence of Phaeocystis blooms on offshore mussels [Poster]. Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek (ILVO-Visserij): Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Vandamme, S.; Moreau, K.; Maes, G.E.; Delbare, D.; Hoffman, S.; Volckaert, F.A.M.J. (2009) Connectivity of turbot and brill populations in European waters as a basis for sustainable management [Poster]. ILVO/KU Leuven: Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Vandemaele, S.; Leirs, H.; Torreele, E. (2009) Assessment of discarding rates for commercial species of fish in the Belgian beam trawl fishery, within the framework of the European Common Fisheries Policy [Poster]. ILVO/Universiteit Antwerpen: Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Vandendriessche, S.; De Backer, A.; Wittoeck, J.; Hostens, K. (2009) Natural vs. anthropogenically induced variability within communities of demersal fish and epibenthos in the Belgian part of the North Sea: implications for impact monitoring [Poster]. Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek (ILVO-Visserij): Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Vanderperren, E.; De Sutter, R.; Polet, H.; Allaert, G. (2009) Development and evaluation of long-term adaptation strategies for the Belgian sea fisheries sector [Poster]. Instituut voor Landbouw en Visserij-onderzoek (ILVO), Sectie Technisch Visserijonderzoek: Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Wittoeck, J.; Van Hoey, G.; Hillewaert, H.; De Backer, A.; Derweduwen, J.; Hostens, K. (2009) Effects of the disposal of dredged material on benthic and demersal fauna [Poster]. Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek (ILVO-Visserij): Oostende, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details



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Mar. Biol. Res. 5(6) 2009

  • Norderhaug, K.M.; Christie, H.C. Sea urchin grazing and kelp re-vegetation in the NE Atlantic, details
  • Heiner, I.; Boesgaard, T.M. et al.. First time discovery of Loricifera from Australian waters and marine caves, details
  • Zelnio, K.A.; Rodriguez, E. et al.. Hexacorals (Anthozoa: Actiniaria, Zoanthidea) from hydrothermal vents in the south-western Pacific, details
  • Rodil, I.E.; Lastra, M. et al.. Spatial variability of benthic macrofauna in the Ria of Vigo (NW Spain): effect of sediment type and food availability, details
  • Riisgard, H.U.; Larsen, P.S. Ciliary-propelling mechanism, effect of temperature and viscosity on swimming speed, and adaptive significance of 'jumping' in the ciliate Mesodinium rubrum, details
  • Kristoffersen, J.B.; Salvanes, A.G.V. Distribution, growth, and population genetics of the glacier lanternfish (Benthosema glaciale) in Norwegian waters: contrasting patterns in fjords and the ocean, details
  • Abecasis, D.; Cardigos, F. et al.. New records on the ichthyofauna of the Gorringe seamount (Northeastern Atlantic), details



Science (Wash.) 326(5958) 2009

  • Kerr, R.A. Sea-floor study gives plumes from the deep mantle a boost, details [News of the week]
  • Morell, V. Can science keep Alaska's Bering Sea pollock fishery healthy?, details [News focus]
  • Wolfe, C.J.; Solomon, S.C. et al.. Mantle Shear-wave velocity structure beneath the Hawaiian hot spot, details [Reports]
  • Watson, A.J.; Schuster, U. et al.. Tracking the variable North Atlantic sink for atmospheric CO2, details [Reports]
  • Tripati, A.K.; Roberts, C.D. et al.. Coupling of CO2 and ice sheet stability over major climate transitions of the last 20 million years, details [Reports]

Science (Wash.) 326(5955). 2009

  • Zehr, J.P.; Kudela, R.M. Photosynthesis in the open ocean, details [Perspectives]



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