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Demerre, I.; Zeebroek, I. (2009) 'Walravens-ide’: archaeological traces of a deserted fishing settlement [Poster]. Vlaams Instituut voor het Onroerend Erfgoed: Brussel, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Demerre, I.; Zeebroek, I. (2009) Managing Cultural Heritage Under Water: European project within the Culture 2000 programme [Poster]. Vlaams Instituut voor het Onroerend Erfgoed: Brussel, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Demerre, I.; Zeebroek, I.; Lenaerts, T. (2009) The Maritime Heritage Research of the Flemish Heritage Institute (VIOE) [Poster]. Vlaams Instituut voor het Onroerend Erfgoed: Brussel, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details

Lenaerts, T. (2009) The cog of Doel [Poster]. Vlaams Instituut voor het Onroerend Erfgoed: Brussel, Belgium. 1 poster pp., details



Grafton, R.Q.; Hilbron, R.; Squires, D.; Tait, M.; Williams, M.J. (Ed.) (2010) Handbook of marine fisheries conservation and management. Oxford University Press: New York, NY (USA). ISBN 978-0-19-537028-7. xiv, 770 pp., details



Est., Coast. and Shelf Sci. 86(1) 2010

  • Dauvin, J.-C.; Alizier, S. et al.. Does the Port 2000 harbour construction have an effect on the Seine estuary suprabenthic community?, details
  • Claquin, P.; Longphuirt, S.N. et al.. Effects of simulated benthic fluxes on phytoplankton dynamic and photosynthetic parameters in a mesocosm experiment (Bay of Brest, France), details
  • Nicolas, N.; Lobry, J. et al.. Fish under influence: a macroecological analysis of relations between fish species richness and environmental gradients among European tidal estuaries, details
  • Kallasvuo, M.; Salonen, M. et al.. Does the zooplankton prey availability limit the larval habitats of pike in the Baltic Sea?, details
  • Adame, M.F.; Neil, D. et al.. Sedimentation within and among mangrove forests along a gradient of geomorphological settings, details


Grafton, R.Q.; Hilbron, R.; Squires, D.; Tait, M.; Williams, M.J. (Ed.) (2010) Handbook of marine fisheries conservation and management. Oxford University Press: New York, NY (USA). ISBN 978-0-19-537028-7. xiv, 770 pp., details

  • Grafton, R.Q.; Hilborn, R. et al.. Marine conservation and fisheries management: at the crossroads, details
  • Willmann, R.; Kelleher, K. Economic trends in global marine fisheries, details
  • Nichols, W.J.; Seminoff, J.A. et al.. Biodiversity, function and interconnectedness: a revolution in our understanding of marine ecosystems and ocean conservation, details
  • Asche, F.; Bjørndal, T. Aquaculture: production and markets, details
  • Williams, M.J. Gender dimensions in fisheries management, details
  • Garcia, S.M. Governance, science and society: the ecosystem approach to fisheries, details
  • Cox, A.; Sumaila, U.R. A review of fisheries subsidies: quantification, impacts and reform, details
  • Anderson, J.L.; Asche, F. et al.. World fish markets, details
  • Brander, K.M. Climate change and fisheries management, details
  • Rice, J.; Ridgeway, L. Conservation of biodiversity in fisheries management, details
  • Gilman, E.L.; Lundin, C.G. Minimizing bycatch of sensitive species groups in marine capture fisheries: lessons from tuna fisheries, details
  • Smith, A.D.M.; Fulton, E.A. Ecosystem modeling and fisheries management, details
  • Dutton, P.H.; Gjertsen, H. et al.. Conservation of the leatherback sea turtle in the Pacific, details
  • Fosså, J.H.; Skjoldal, H.R. Conservation of cold water coral reefs in Norway, details
  • Matthiasson, T.; Agnarsson, S. Property rights in Icelandic fisheries, details
  • Ridgeway, L.; Schmidt, C.-C. Economic instruments in OECD fisheries: issues and implementation, details
  • Steinshamn, S.I. Norwegian fisheries management, details
  • Pascoe, S.; Tingley, D. Fisheries management in the United Kingdom, details
  • Spagnolo, M. Shared rules for a shared sea: multilevel fisheries governance in Italian fisheries management, details
  • Frost, H. European Union fisheries management, details
  • Ridgeway, L.; Rice, J. International institutions and fisheries governance, details
  • Squires, D.; Groves, T. et al.. Fisheries buybacks, details
  • Townsend, R.E. Corporate governance of jointly owned fisheries rights, details
  • McConney, P.; Charles, A.T. Managing small-scale fisheries: moving towards people-centered perspectives, details
  • Walden, J.B.; Kirkley, J. et al.. Measuring and managing fishing capacity, details
  • Kronbak, L.G.; Lindroos, M. Strategic behavior in fisheries, details
  • Vestergaard, N. Principle-agent problems in fisheries, details
  • Libecap, G.D. Allocation issues in rights-based management of fisheries: lessons from other resources, details
  • Punt, A.E. Harvest control rules and fisheries management, details
  • Moxnes, E. Complexities in fisheries management: misperceptions and communication, details
  • Ward, T.J.; Phillips, B. Seafood ecolabelling, details
  • Segerson, K. Can voluntary programs reduce sea turtle bycatch? Insights from the literature in environmental economics, details
  • Stephenson, R.L.; Lane, D.E. Fisheries management science, details
  • Clark, C.W. Challenges in marine capture fisheries, details
  • Munro, G. The 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and beyond: the next 25 years, details
  • Tompas, T.; Crafton, R.Q. et al.. Bioeconomic modeling of marine reserves with environmental uncertainty, details
  • Hannesson, R. Privatization of the oceans, details
  • Jentoft, S.; McCay, B.J. et al.. Fisheries co-management: improving fisheries governance through stakeholder participation, details
  • Allen, R.L.; Joseph, J. et al.. Managing world tuna fisheries with emphasis on rights-based management, details
  • Annala, J.H.; Earys, S. Research priorities for marine fisheries conservation and management, details



Science (Wash.) 327(5963) 2010

  • Balter, M. Neandertal jewelry shows their symbolic smarts, details [News of the week]
  • Kean, S. Fishing for gold in the last frontier state; The secret lives of ocean fish, details [News focus]



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