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‘Ambassadors marine scientific research aboard RV Simon Stevin’ Expert Group

An Expert Group of seven ambassadors regularly communicates on marine scientific research conducted aboard RV Simon Stevin. This communication takes place via social media so that their research becomes accessible to the general public in an appealing manner.

Every day scientists board the research vessel Simon Stevin and conduct a wide range of marine research. A Facebook page has been created to keep both scientists and the general interested public informed of research conducted aboard RV Simon Stevin. VLIZ encourages everyone who boards the vessel to post a message, including pictures or a movie, at the end of their sampling day.

Certain regular users and/or representatives of important research subjects are appointed ambassadors of marine scientific research aboard the ship. These ambassadors do pioneering work in communication through social media (which will encourage all other users of the research vessel to do likewise). This form of communication is the perfect opportunity for scientists to present their research to the public at large in an attractive and simple manner. Ambassadorship is preferably given to someone who regularly sails on board RV Simon Stevin. When the ambassador’s research on board the ship has been completed, a replacement is sought.


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