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Brilliant Marine Research Idea

VLIZ launches yearly a call for ‘Brilliant Marine Research Ideas’ intended to inspire and enable PhD students affiliated to a Flemish University or Flemish University College to execute a brilliant idea during their PhD within the frame of their research.
The grants are awarded to researchers affiliated to a Flemish University or Flemish University College with, at the time of application, less than 6 years of research experience at pre-doc level (i.e. since starting PhD research). The overall budget available for the grants is EUR 10.000 (anno 2018). However, each grant will have a maximum fund of EUR 5.000.
VLIZ philanthropy seeks to fund a marine research idea that can contribute to solving a hypothesis-based marine research question. Topics of interest are (amongst others) the themes identified in the philanthropy research agenda including pollution, ocean and human health, marine biodiversity, climate change, ocean related disasters and marine explorations.
The grant can be used to assist PhD students in their lab and/or field work, data acquisition and analysis, visits to other institutes to use specialized facilities, acquisition of equipment or software needed for a certain analysis and so on. The fund cannot be used for personnel costs, or to finance the use of existing equipment in the own lab, or to attend conferences.

A new call for a Brilliant Marine Research Idea’ will be launched in the autumn of 2018.


Winners ‘Brilliant Marine Research Idea’ grants 2018

  • Marieke Paepen - Delineating the area where submarine groundwater discharge occurs in the Belgian coastal area
    UGent - Hydrogeology and applied geology lab
  • Sebastiaan van de Velde - Counteracting anthropogenic CO2 emissions by microbial stimulation of silicate weathering
    VUB - Analytical, Environmental and Geochemistry


Winners ‘Brilliant Marine Research Idea’ grants 2017


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