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Compendium Coast and Sea

The Compendium for Coast and Sea is an integrated document about the socio-economic, environmental and institutional aspects of the coast and the sea in Flanders and Belgium.

In collaboration with a network of experts, Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) developed this intiative which aims to aggregate objective and scientifically-underpinned information and data from Flemish/Belgian marine and maritime research. The first version of this knowledge document was published in 2013, a second version in 2015. The publication and the derived communications products are digitally available on the website of the Compendium for Coast and Sea. The integrated and border-crossing character (including the land-sea border) of the Compendium contributes to an improved communication within and from the fragmented marine/maritime scientific world and increases the accessibility and visibility of the marine/maritime research (a ‘business card’ of the Flemish/Belgian marine and maritime scientific community).

The ‘Compendium for Coast and Sea’ expert group consists of a network of experts from policy and the scientific community who support the development of the integrated document.