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De Grote Rede - Colophon

‘De Grote Rede’ is the information magazine on the coast and sea for the Flemish region and surrounding area. With three leading articles and nine standard features, ‘De Grote Rede’ provides its readers with a varied yet objective outlook on current knowledge about the coast, sea and ocean as well as an explanation of the conducted research and pursued policy. It is only available in Dutch.

The magazine is published by VLIZ, yet it is drawn up by a team of 30 editors, all of whom work in marine research or coastal zone policy, and in a wide range of research disciplines.

‘De Grote Rede’ is published three times a year and has a circulation of 9,000 copies.

Borrowing (parts of) articles in other periodicals, newspapers and websites is possible provided that the sources are correctly credited. Within this scope, please contact editor-in-chief Jan Seys (

Responsible publisher

Jan Mees (VLIZ)
Wandelaarkaai 7
8400 Oostende, België

ISSN 1376-926X

Coordination and final editing

Jan Seys and Nancy Fockedey (VLIZ)
Tel.: +32-(0)59-34 21 40

Editorial team (in alphabetical order)

Kathy Belpaeme
An Cliquet
Evy Copejans
Mathieu de Meyer
Fien De Raedemaecker
Bart De Smet
Nancy Fockedey
Jan Haelters
Francis Kerckhof
Hannelore Maelfait
Pieter Mathys
Jan Mees
Tina Mertens
Tine Missiaen
Theo Notteboom
Ellen Pape
Hans Pirlet
Ruth Pirlet
Sam Provoost
Marc Ryckaert
Hendrik Schoukens
Jan Seys
Ineke Steevens
Sarah Vanden Eede
Sofie Vandendriessche
Dieter Vanneste

Etymological team (in alphabetical order)

Roland Desnerck
Magda Devos
Nancy Fockedey
Jan Haspeslagh
Jan Seys
Johan Termote
Tomas Termote
Dries Tys
Carlos Van Cauwenberghe
Arnout Zwaenepoel

Culinary team ‘De Vruchten van de Zee’ (in alphabetical order)

Nancy Fockedey
Luc Huysmans
Ann-Katrien Lescrauwaet
Els Vanderperren
Willy Versluys


Vanden Broele, Brugge


De Windroos nv

Printed in cyclusprint (FSC – 100 % recycled) 115g, in 9,000 copies.