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VLIZ Science Symposium: the Ocean and Human Health

By organising a Science Symposium, VLIZ wants to bring together scientists around specific topics of its research agenda. The topic is highlighted from different angles by speakers with extensive experience in their research field. Through pitch presentations marine researchers get a chance to present the latest scientific developments about the topic. The VLIZ Science Symposium is an opportunity to exchange knowledge, build networks and start collaboration. On Wednesday 6 September, the VLIZ Science Symposium revolves around the central topic ‘the ocean and human health’. Five national and international speakers are programmed. Two of them are the laureates of the prestigious Prize Dr. Edouard Delcroix 2016, awarded the day before.


On Wednesday 6 September 2017 the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) organises its first VLIZ Science Symposium at the InnovOcean site. This symposium takes place between 09:30 and 13:00.


Meeting room Beaufort
Wandelaarkaai 7
8400 Ostend, Belgium
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9.30 – 9.40 Introduction
9.40 – 10.25

Prof. Dr Irina Vetter - University of Queensland
The pathophysiological mechanism of ciguatera
[abstract] - [presentation on YouTube]

10.25 – 10.40 Dr Paula Kellett - European Marine Board

What next for oceans and human health in science and maritime policy: a European perspective
[abstract] - [presentation on YouTube]

10.40 – 10.55

Prof. Dr Lynn Vanhaecke – Ghent University
The central role of modern analytical tools in studying the link between oceans & human health
[abstract] - [presentation on YouTube]

10.55 – 11.10

Pitch presentations

Dr Maarten De Rijcke – Flanders Marine Institute
Sea spray aerosols, a new wind in coastal monitoring
[abstract] - [presentation on YouTube]

Eng. Steve Huysman – Ghent University
Environmental screening of organic micropollutants in seawater by coupling a divinylbenzene passive sampling device and high resolution mass spectrometry
[abstract] - [presentation on YouTube]

11.10 – 11.40 Coffee break
11.40 – 12.10

Dr Marjolein Vanoppen – Ghent University
Seawater, drinking water of the future?
[abstract] - [presentation on YouTube]

12.10 – 12.25

Prof. Dr Jan Tytgat – University of Leuven
α-Nemertides, a novel family of marine peptide neurotoxins from ribbon worms
[abstract] - [presentation on YouTube]

12.25 – 12.40

Prof. Dr Costantino Balestra (Haute école Bruxelles-Brabant ISEK)
From Breath-hold diving to patient’s bed: The normobaric oxygen paradox
[abstract] - [no presentation available on YouTube]

12.40 – 12.55

Pitch presentations

Dr Geertrui Vlaemynck - Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
Valorization of underexploited fishery resources: possibilities for contributing to human health and well being
[abstract] - [presentation on YouTube]

Eng. Fien Minnens – Ghent University
Consumers’ acceptance of an online tool for health risk-benefit communication about seafood consumption
[abstract] - [presentation on YouTube]

12.55 – 13.00 Epilogue and lunch



All interested scientists are welcome to attend the VLIZ Science Symposium. The event is free of charge. We do, however, ask you to register at the following link. Deadline for registration is 1 September 2017.


Are you working in the field of Oceans and Human Health or are you interested in this research theme? Make sure that you do not miss the VLIZ Science Symposium on Oceans and Human Health. This symposium is an excellent opportunity to share and discuss your findings with fellow researchers. If you want to contribute to this symposium, please submit your English abstract (max. 2500 characters including spaces) online and get a 5 minutes’ pitch. Submission deadline: 23 August 2017.