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2nd European championship Gull Screeching

On 22 March a second edition of the European Gull Screeching championship will take place in De Panne. The organizers hope for a lot of international participants for this hilarious competition. It does take some observation and training to be able to faithfully imitate the seagulls. Last year, the Dutchman Reggy Laatsch and Belgian Bregje Iding won the first prize. Are you going for the 2020 European title yourself? One thing is sure: you will experience a hilarious afternoon!

Despite the playful design, the intention of this event is to bring a correct, positive message about gulls. Through this playful action the organizer Claude Willaert – educator at the Provincial visitors centre Duinpanne - wants to stimulate the broad audience to understand gulls and the nuisance that they sometimes cause. Seagulls belong to the coast like salt in the sea. Because of nuisance in the city, they are sometimes maligned as 'rats of the sea'. However, the European populations of these endangered and protected coastal birds are still not doing well.

In 2018, Claude Willaert organized the first Belgian championship Gull Screeching. It was a huge success and the format was exported to Wallonia, the Netherlands and northern France. It inspired to organize a first European Gull Screeching championship in 2019. The event was covered in the international press.

Are you going for the European title yourself?

Can you properly simulate the sound of a gull? Register personally via email: ekmeeuwenschreeuw@gmail.com. A professional jury assesses the participants and scores the sound and empathy produced. Everyone gets one single chance. Participants and the public are welcome on 22 March 2020 (from 15:00) in café De Verloren Gernoar, opposite the train station in Adinkerke.

Claude Willaert is supported in the organisation of this event by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), the Ostend Refuge Centre for Wild Birds and Animals and the locale nature working group De Kerkuil.

More information on www.gullscreeching.eu.