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VLIZ-webinar: vitual North Sea dive - sea surface

After four virtual beach walks, we leave the mainland and embark on an adventure at sea. In a new series of webinars we take you on a virtual dive in the North Sea. The well-liked concept of short and interactive Zoom sessions (+/- 45 min.) full of marine science will be retained. What is new is that one or more experts will answer a number of striking questions about a particular research theme. On Wednesday evening March 31 (8:00 PM - 8:45 PM) we will start our dive in the North Sea with a webinar about waves and wave energy by Prof. ir. Peter Troch (UGent). For example, you will find out about the highest wave ever observed. And whether energy production from waves is really possible or not. (event in Dutch: see Dutch pages of our website for more information)