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‘History of sea fisheries’ Expert Group

The historical aspect and multidisciplinary view of  the history of Belgian fishing at sea and in the Scheldt estuary is discussed by a large group of experts at an annual consultation and a biennial seminar.

A multidisciplinary team of experts has convened annually since 2010 to exchange information on the history of sea fisheries in Belgium. Within this context, the biennial seminar ‘Vissen in het Verleden’ (fishing in the past) is organised by VLIZ and the Flanders Heritage Agency. This forum for knowledge and information exchange has been established to collect historical information, data and research results concerning the history of sea fisheries in Flanders/Belgium from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives for further integration, digital disclosure and dissemination (data and information portal function). This way, the seminar creates a framework for the active provision and integration of objective and reliable information for the target audience in a user-friendly manner. Finally, this forum provides the opportunity to deliberate openly highlighting the multidisciplinarity of research (archaeology, history, sociology, anthropology, ecology, biology, culture, economy, etc.) in connection with the history of (marine and estuarine) sea fisheries in Flanders/Belgium.

The members of this Expert Group:

Marnix Pieters (aOE); Anton Ervynck (aOE); Tom Lenaerts (aOE); Ann Lentacker (aOE); Maarten Van Dijck (aOE); Jan Parmentier (MAS); Wim Van Neer (KBIN); Willy Versluys (reder); Roland Desnerck (private); Els Thieren (KU Leuven); Filip Volckaert (KU Leuven); Hans Polet (ILVO); Kelle Moreau (KBIN-ODNatuur); Yves Segers (CAG); Chantal Bisschop (CAG); Dries Tys (VUB); Luc François (UGent); Leo Declercq (Province of West Flanders); Ineke Steevens (NAVIGO); Ruth Pirlet (NAVIGO); Heike Lust (VLIZ); Thomas Verleye (VLIZ); Nancy Fockedey (VLIZ); Ann-Katrien Lescrauwaet (VLIZ); Katrien Vervaele (private); Louis Vandecasteele (private); Tom Hoeberigs (Sincfala); Wim De Winter (VLIZ); Michale Limberger (UGent); Tim Soens (UA); For topic Down herring: Eric Stienen (INBO) and Gert Everaert (VLIZ).

For more information: Ann-Katrien Lescrauwaet

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