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Australian Institute of Marine Science – Surveys of Octocoral communities, benthic cover and environmental factors on coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef
Fabricius, K (1996). Australian Institute of Marine Science - Surveys of Octocoral communities, benthic cover and environmental factors on coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef.

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Availability: Creative Commons License This dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Records of soft coral distributions and composition of coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. more

All surveys were carried out by the principal researcher using Rapid Ecological Assessment. The dataset runs from May 1996 to early 2009 from 180 reef locations, spread relatively evenly along and across the whole Great Barrier Reef (GBR). On each reef 1-3 sites were surveyed with up to 5 transects (usually 200-300m long, 1-3m wide for 10-15 minutes) per site at pre-defined depths (1-3m, 3-8m, 8-13m, 13-18m and reef flat). Species recorded: octocorals (soft corals, gorgonians, sea fans, sea whips, sea pens, leather corals, arborescent octocorals, blue coral, stoloniferans), black and wire coral. Note that species are mostly at generic level. Octocoral genera (in some cases species) were given a taxon abundance ranking (0=absent, 1=rare, 2=uncommon, 3=common, 4=abundant, 5=dominant). Site locations: 13-050, 13-063, 13-120, 13-123, 17-069, 18-023, 18-026, 18-NNN, 19-109, 19-159, 20-154, 20-344, 20-348, 20-385, 21-089, 21-132, 21-141, 21-149, 21-151, 21-155, 21-164, 21-173, 21-433, 21-551, 21-551, 22-101, Agincourt 3, Alexandra, Barnard, Barren, Bewick, Border, Bramble, Britomart, Bugatti, Cape Flattery, Cape Tribulation South, Champagne Bay, Chinaman, Clack, Clerke.Is, Cockburn, Collette, Conical Rock, Curacoa, Davie, Deloraine, Dent, Dido Rock, Digby, Dingo, Double, Double Cone, Douglas, Dumbell, Dunk, East Cay, Eden, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellison, Escape, Esk, Faith, False Nara Inlet, Fantome, Faraday, Fitzroy, Flat, Fly, Gable, Gallan, Garioch, Gilbey, Gloucester, Gould, Grassy, Great.Detached, Great Keppel, Great Palms, Green, Grub PCB, Haggerstone, Halftide, Hannah, Haslewood, Hay, Heath, Henning, Herald, Heron, Hicks, Hideaway Bay, High, High Peak, Hook, Horseshoe, Iris, Jacqueline, James, Joan, John Brewer, Korea, Lindeman, Linnet, Lodestone, Long, Low, Lupton, MacDonalds, Macona Inlet, Magra, Marble, Martha Ridgeway, McSweeny, Miall, Michaelmas, Middle, Middle Keppels, Monsoon, Morris, Murdoch, Myrmidon, Nara Inlet, Needle, Nomad, Normanby, North East Percy, North Keppel, Old, One Tree, Opal, Opp Long, Orpheus, Osborne, Pandora, Pelican (Princess Charlotte Bay), Pelican (Whitsundays), Pelorus, Phillips, Pickersgill, Pine Peak, Pine Percy, Pith, Polmaise, Rattay, Repulse, Rib, Ribbon 10, Richard, Rundle, Russell, Salamander, Saunders, Scott, Shute Bay, Snake, Snapper, Snapper, St Crispin, Stanley, Stark, Switzer, Three, Thrush, Tideway, Tiger, Turner Cay, Undine, Unity, Upolu, Wackett, Wharton, Wheeler, Whitsunday, Whitsunday, Wilkie, Wizard, Yongala Wreck, Yule. Additional information was collected during the surveys recording - site variables, visual estimates of abundance for other groups besides octocorlas, zooxanthellate richness. This data is not included in the dataset served to OBIS. Comparable data are held for Hong Kong, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Torres Strait, and Rowley Shoals (WA). Purpose To determine spatial patterns and abiotic controls of soft coral biodiversity: allowing examination of relationships of reef location (in-shore, mid-shelf and off-shore), environmental conditions and depth to taxonomic composition and richness. Because roughly half Octocorals have photosynthetic symbionts they are ideal to assess how biodiversity is related to spatial and environmental factors, and photosynthetic symbionts and energy supply. To examine principal drivers of biodiversity, community composition, and ranges of coral reef benthos. Total Distribution Records: 15,875 Total Number of Taxa: 23 families, 65 genera, 11 species


Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), more

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OBIS-Australia: Australian Ocean Biogeographic Information System, more

Dataset status: Completed
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Data origin: Research
Metadatarecord created: 2013-01-21
Information last updated: 2013-01-21
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