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Evolutionary Biology & Ecology (ULB)

Parent institute: Université Libre de Bruxelles; Faculté des Sciences (ULB), more

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  • Peer reviewed article Baird, A.H.; Guest, J.R.; Edwards, A.J.; Bauman, A.G.; Bouwmeester, J.; Mera, H.; Abrego, D.; Álvarez-Noriega, M.; Babcock, R.C.; Barbosa , M.B.; Bonito, V.; Burt, J.; Cabaitan, P.C.; Chang, C.-F.; Chavanich, S.; Chen, C.A.; Chen, C.-J.; Chen, W.-J.; Chung, F.-C.; Connolly, S.R.; Cumbo, V.R.; Dornelas, M.; Doropoulos, C.; Eyal, G.; Eyal-Shaham, L.; Fadli, N.; Figueiredo, J.; Flot, J.-F.; Gan, S.-H.; Gomez, E.; Graham, E.M.; Grinblat, M.; Gutiérrez-Isaza, N.; Harii, S.; Harrison, P.L.; Hatta, M.; Ho, N.A.J.; Hoarau, G.; Hoogenboom, M.; Howells, E.J.; Iguchi, A.; Isomura, N.; Jamodiong, E.A.; Jandang, S.; Keyse, J.; Kitanobo, S.; Kongjandtre, N.; Kuo, C.-Y.; Ligson, C.; Lin, C.-H.; Low, J.; Loya, Y.; Maboloc, E.A.; Madin, J.S.; Mezaki, T.; Min, C.; Morita, M.; Moya, A.; Neo, S.-H.; Nitschke, M.R.; Nojima, S.; Nozawa, Y.; Piromvaragorn, S.; Plathong, S.; Puill-Stephan, E.; Quigley, K.; Ramirez-Portilla, C.; Ricardo, G.; Sakai, K.; Sampayo, E.; Shlesinger, T.; Sikim, L.; Simpson, C.; Sims, C.A.; Sinniger, F.; Spiji, D.A.; Tabalanza, T.; Tan, C.-H.; Terraneo, T.I.; Torda, G.; True, J.; Tun, K.; Vicentuan, K.; Viyakarn, V.; Waheed, Z.; Ward, S.; Willis, B.; Woods, R.M.; Woolsey, E.S.; Yamamoto, H.H.; Yusuf, S. (2021). An Indo-Pacific coral spawning database. Scientific Data 8(1): 35., more
  • Peer reviewed article Montanari, A.; Cerveau, N.; Fiasca, B.; Flot, J.-F.; Galassi, D.; Mainiero, M.; McGee, D.; Namiotko, T.; Recanatini, S.; Stoch, F. (2021). Stygobitic crustaceans in an anchialine cave with an archeological heritage at Vodeni Rat (Island of Sveti Klement, Hvar, Croatia). International Journal of Speleology 50(1): 1-14., more
  • Peer reviewed article Terrana, L.; Flot, J.-F.; Eeckhaut, I. (2021). ITS1 variation among Stichopathes cf. maldivensis (Hexacorallia: Antipatharia) whip black corals unveils conspecificity and population connectivity at local and global scales across the Indo-Pacific. Coral Reefs 40(2): 521-533., more
  • Peer reviewed article van der Ven, R.M.; Flot, J.-F.; Buitrago-Lopez, C.; Kochzius, M. (2021). Population genetics of the brooding coral Seriatopora hystrix reveals patterns of strong genetic differentiation in the Western Indian Ocean. Heredity 126(2): 351-365., more
  • Peer reviewed article Zanvo, M.S.; Salako, K.V.; Gnanglè, C.; Mensah, S.; Assogbadjo, A.E.; Kakaï, R.G. (2021). Impacts of harvesting intensity on tree taxonomic diversity, structural diversity, population structure, and stability in a West African mangrove forest. Wetlands Ecol. Manag. 29: 433-450., more
  • Peer reviewed article Baudry, L.; Guiglielmoni, N.; Marie-Nelly, H.; Cormier, A.; Marbouty, M.; Avia, K.; Mie, Y.L.; Godfroy, O.; Sterck, L.; Cock, J.M.; Zimmer, C.; Coelho, S.M.; Koszul, R. (2020). instaGRAAL: chromosome-level quality scaffolding of genomes using a proximity ligation-based scaffolder. Genome Biol. 21(1): 148., more
  • Peer reviewed article Delić, T.; Stoch, F.; Borko, S.; Flot, J.-F.; Fišer, C. (2020). How did subterranean amphipods cross the Adriatic Sea? Phylogenetic evidence for dispersal-vicariance interplay mediated by marine regression-transgression cycles. J. Biogeogr. 47(9): 1875-1887., more
  • Peer reviewed article Stoch, F.; Christian, E.; Flot, J.-F. (2020). Molecular taxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography of the Niphargus tatrensis species complex (Amphipoda, Niphargidae) in Austria. Org. Divers. Evol. 20(4): 701-722., more
  • Peer reviewed article Banguera-Hinestroza, E.; Ferrada, E.; Sawall, Y.; Flot, J.-F. (2019). Computational characterization of the mtORF of pocilloporid corals: insights into protein structure and function in Stylophora lineages from contrasting environments. Genes 10(5): 324., more
  • Peer reviewed article Celis, J.S.; Wibberg, D.; Ramirez-Portilla, C.; Rupp, O.; Sczyrba, A.; Winkler, A.; Kalinowski, J.; Wilke, T. (2018). Binning enables efficient host genome reconstruction in cnidarian holobionts. GigaScience 7(7): 1-12., more
  • Peer reviewed article Dierckxsens, N.; Mardulyn, P.; Smits, G. (2017). NOVOPlasty: de novo assembly of organelle genomes from whole genome data. Nucleic Acids Res. 45(4): e18., more
  • Peer reviewed article Fourdrilis, S.; Mardulyn, P.; Hardy, O.J.; Jordaens, K.; de Frias Martins, A.M.; Backeljau, T. (2016). Mitochondrial DNA hyperdiversity and its potential causes in the marine periwinkle Melarhaphe neritoides (Mollusca: Gastropoda). PeerJ 4: 33 pp., more
  • Peer reviewed article Li, X.; Liu, Y.; Tzika, A.C.; Zhu, Q.; Van Doninck, K.; Milinkovitch, M.C. (2011). Analysis of global and local population stratification of finless porpoises Neophocaena phocaenoides in Chinese waters. Mar. Biol. (Berl.) 158(8): 1791-1804., more
  • Peer reviewed article Tzika, A.C.; D’Amico, E.; Mangel, J.C.; Van Waerebeek, K.; Milinkovitch, M.C. (2010). Molecular identification of small cetacean samples from Peruvian fish markets. Conserv. Genet. 11(6): 2207-2218., more

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