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Laboratoire de Spectrométrie de Masse (ULG-MSLAB)

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English name: Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
Parent institute: Université de Liège; Faculté des Sciences; Département de Chimie (ULG), more

Thesaurus terms (3) : Mass spectroscopy; Molecular biology; Photochemistry
Institut de Chimie - Bât. B6
Allée de la Chimie 3
4000 Liège 1

Tel.: +32-(0)4-366 34 14
Fax: +32-(0)4-366 34 13
Type: Scientific
Level: Labo

The institute is dealing with the impact of chemicals on biodiversity. The laboratory is an accredited (EN17025) analytical chemistry laboratory largely involved internationally in organochlorinated and endocrine disruptors analysis. Two years ago a research program started in view to apply new prespectives of proteomics in the fied of exposure to xenobiotics monitoring.

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  • Peer reviewed article Collard, F.; Gilbert, B.; Eppe, G.; Parmentier, E.; Das, K. (2015). Detection of anthropogenic particles in fish stomachs: An isolation method adapted to identification by Raman spectroscopy. Arch. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 69(3): 331-339., more
  • Peer reviewed article Pinzone, M.; Budzinski, H.; Tasciotti, A.; Ody, D.; Lepoint, G.; Schnitzler, J.; Scholl, G.; Thomé, J.-P.; Tapie, N.; Eppe, G.; Das, K. (2015). POPs in free-ranging pilot whales, sperm whales and fin whales from the Mediterranean Sea: influence of biological and ecological factors. Environ. Res. 142: 185-196., more
  • Peer reviewed article Quinton, L.; Massonnet, P.; Echterbille, J.; Smargiasso, N.; Upert, G; Pastor, A; Gilles, N; De Pauw, E. (2014). Attribution of cystein's connectivities in conotoxins: new prospects based on partial oxidation/reduction experiments and ion-mobility mass spectrometry. Toxicon 91: 167-167., more
  • Peer reviewed article Dorneles, P.R.; Sanz, P.; Eppe, G.; Azevedo, A.F.; Bertozzi, C.P.; Martinez, M.A.; Secchi, E.R.; Barbosa, L.A.; Cremer, M.; Alonso, M.B.; Torres, J.P.M.; Lailson-Brito, J.; Malm, O.; Eljarrat, E.; Barcelo, D.; Das, K. (2013). High accumulation of PCDD, PCDF, and PCB congeners in marine mammals from Brazil: a serious PCB problem. Sci. Total Environ. 463-464: 309-318., more
  • Peer reviewed article Douny, C.; Widart, J.; De Pauw, E.; Silvestre, F.; Kestemont, P.; Tu, H.T.; Phuong, N.T.; Maghuin-Rogister, G.; Scippo, M.-L. (2013). Development of an analytical method to detect metabolites of nitrofurans: application to the study of furazolidone elimination in Vietnamese black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon). Aquaculture 376-379: 54-58., more
  • Peer reviewed article Orts, D.J.B.; Moran, Y.; Cologna, C.T.; Peigneur, S.; Madio, B.; Praher, D.; Quinton, L.; De Pauw, E.; Bicudo, J.E.P.W.; Tytgat, J.; de Freitas, J.C. (2013). BcsTx3 is a founder of a novel sea anemone toxin family of potassium channel blocker. The FEBS Journal 280(19): 4839-4852., more
  • Peer reviewed article Dobson, R.; Collodoro, M.; Gilles, N.; Turtoi, A.; De Pauw, E.; Quinton, L. (2012). Secretion and maturation of conotoxins in the venom ducts of Conus textile. Toxicon 60(8): 1370-1379., more
  • Peer reviewed article Piette, F.; D'Amico, S.; Mazzucchelli, G.; Danchin, A.; Leprince, P.; Feller, G. (2011). Life in the cold: a proteomic study of cold-repressed proteins in the Antarctic bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 77(11): 3881-3883., more
  • Peer reviewed article Piette, F.; D'Amico, S.; Struvay, C.; Mazzucchelli, G.; Renaut, J.; Tutino, M.L.; Danchin, A.; Leprince, P.; Feller, G. (2010). Proteomics of life at low temperatures: trigger factor is the primary chaperone in the Antarctic bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125. Mol. Microbiol. 76(1): 120-132., more
  • Peer reviewed article Quinton, L.; Gilles, N.; De Pauw, E. (2009). TxXIIIA, an atypical homodimeric conotoxin found in the Conus textile venom. J. Proteomics 72(2): 219-226., more
  • Peer reviewed article Das, K.; Siebert, U.; Gillet, A.; Dupont, A.; Di-Poï, C.; Fonfara, S.; Mazzucchelli, G.; De Pauw, E.; De Pauw-Gillet, M.-C. (2008). Mercury immune toxicity in harbour seals: links to in vitro toxicity. Environ. Health 7: 17 pp., more
  • Pinzone, M.; Budzinski, H.; Tasciotti, A.; Ody, D.; Lepoint, G.; Schnitzler, J.; Scholl, G.; Thomé, J.-P.; Tapie, N.; Eppe, G.; Das, K. (2015). Influences of blubber composition and profile in the assessment of POPs levels in free-ranging cetaceans, in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) Book of abstracts – VLIZ Young Scientists’ Day. Brugge, Belgium, 20 February 2015. VLIZ Special Publication, 71: pp. 107, more

Projects (4)  Top | Publications 
  • BENCORE: Belgian Network for Coastal Reseach, more
  • Development of methods for the analysis of hydrocarbons and organic micro-pollutants in the marine environment, more
  • ECOTOX2: Belgian Science Policy, BELSPO, FEDRA database, more
  • Fast and low cost analysis of dioxin-like compounds in marine matrices, more

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