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Laboratorium voor Ichthyologie (KMMA)

Parent institute: Koninklijk Museum voor Midden Afrika; Afrikaanse Zoölogie; Afdeling Vertebraten (KMMA), more

Thesaurus terms (3) : Brackishwater fish; Data collections; Freshwater fish
Taxonomic term : Pisces [WoRMS]
Geographical terms (3) : Africa [Marine Regions]; Central Africa; West Africa [Marine Regions]
Leuvensesteenweg 13
3080 Tervuren
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Type: Scientific
Level: Labo

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  • Peer reviewed article Raeymaekers, J.A.M.; Hablützel, P.I.; Grégoir, A.F.; Bamps, J.; Roose, A.K.; Vanhove, M.P.M.; Van Steenberge, M.; Pariselle, A.; Huyse, T.; Snoeks, J.; Volckaert, F.A.M. (2013). Contrasting parasite communities among allopatric colour morphs of the Lake Tanganyika cichlid Tropheus. BMC Evol. Biol. 13(1): 41., more
  • Peer reviewed article Hoffmann, M.; Hilton-Taylor, C.; Angulo, A.; Böhm, M.; Brooks, T.M; Butchart, S.H.M.; Carpenter, K.E.; Chanson, J.S.; Collen, B.; Cox, N.A.; Darwall, W.R.T.; Dulvy, N.K.; Harrison, L.R.; Katariya, V.; Pollock, C.M.; Quader, S.; Richman, N.I.; Rodrigues, A.S.L.; Tognelli, M.F.; Vié, J.-C.; Aguiar, J.M.; Allen, D.J.; Allen, G.R.; Amori, G.; Ananjeva, N.B.; Andreone, F.; Andrew, P.; Ortiz, A.L.A.; Black-Decima, P.; Blanc, J.J.; Bolaños, F.; Bolivar-G., W.; Burfield, I.J.; Burton, J.A.; Capper, D.R.; Castro, F.; Catullo, G.; Cavanagh, R.D.; Channing, A.; Chao, N.L.; Chenery, A.M.; Chiozza, F.; Clausnitzer, V.; Collar, N.J.; Collett, L.C.; Collette, B.B.; Cortez Fernandez, C.F.; Craig, M.T.; Crosby, M.J.; Cumberlidge, N.; Cuttelod, A.; Derocher, A.E.; Diesmos, A.C.; Donaldson, J.S.; Duckworth, J.W.; Dutson, G.; Dutta, S.K.; Emslie, R.H.; Farjon, A.; Fowler, S.; Freyhof, J.; Garshelis, D.L.; Gerlach, J.; Gower, D.J.; Grant, T.D.; Hammerson, G.A.; Harris, R.B.; Heaney, L.R.; Hedges, S.B.; Hero, J.-M.; Hughes, B.; Hussain, S.A.; Icochea, J.M.; Inger, R.F.; Ishii, N.; Iskandar, D.T.; Jenkins, R.K.B.; Kaneko, Y.; Kottelat, M.; Kovacs, K.M.; Kuzmin, S.L.; La Marca, E.; Lamoreux, J.F.; Lau, M.W.N.; Lavilla, E.O.; Leus, K.; Lewison, R.L.; Lichtenstein, G.; Livingstone, S.R.; Lukoschek, V.; Mallon, D.P.; McGowan, P.J.K.; McIvor, A.; Moehlman, P.D.; Molur, S.; Muñoz Alonso, A.; Musick, J.A.; Nowell, K.; Nussbaum, R.A.; Olech, W.; Orlov, N.L.; Papenfuss, T.J.; Parra-Olea, G.; Perrin, W.F.; Polidoro, B.A.; Pourkazemi, M.; Racey, P.A.; Ragle, J.S.; Ram, M.; Rathbun, G.; Reynolds, R.P.; Rhodin, A.G.J.; Richards, S.J.; Rodríguez, L.O.; Ron, S.R.; Rondinini, C.; Rylands, A.B.; Sadovy de Mitcheson, Y.; Sanciangco, J.C.; Sanders, K.L.; Santos-Barrera, G.; Schipper, J.; Self-Sullivan, C.; Shi, Y.; Shoemaker, A.; Short, F.T.; Sillero-Zubiri, C.; Silvano, D.L.; Smith, K.G.; Smith, A.T.; Snoeks, J.; Stattersfield, A.J.; Symes, A.J.; Taber, A.B.; Talukdar, B.K.; Temple, H.J.; Timmins, R.; Tobias, J.A.; Tsytsulina, K.; Tweddle, D.; Ubeda, C.; Valenti, S.V.; van Dijk, P.P.; Veiga, L.M.; Veloso, A.; Wege, D.C.; Wilkinson, M.; Williamson, E.A.; Xie, F.; Young, B.E.; Akçakaya, H.R.; Bennun, L.; Blackburn, T.M.; Boitani, L.; Dublin, H.T.; Da Fonseca, G.A.B.; Gascon, C.; Lacher Jr., T.E.; Mace, G.M.; Mainka, S.A.; McNeely, J.A.; Mittermeier, R.A.; Reid, G.M.; Rodriguez, J.P.; Rosenberg, A.A.; Samways, M.J.; Smart, J.; Stein, B.A.; Stuart, S.N. (2010). The impact of conservation on the status of the world’s vertebrates. Science (Wash.) 330(6010): 1503-1509., more
  • Peer reviewed article Teugels, G.G.; Meyer, A. (2008). Marine incursion: the freshwater herring of Lake Tanganyika are the product of a marine invasion into West Africa. PLoS One 3(4): e1979., more
  • Peer reviewed article Wamuini Lunkayilakio, S.; Vreven, E. (2008). Nannopetersius mutambuei (Characiformes: Alestidae), a new species from the Inkisi River basin, Democratic Republic of Congo. Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwat. 19(4): 367-376, more
  • Peer reviewed article Falk, T.M.; Teugels, G.; Abban, E.K.; Villwock, W.; Renwrantz, L. (2003). Phylogeographic patterns in populations of the black-chinned tilapia complex (Teleostei, Cichlidae) from coastal areas in West Africa: support for the refuge zone theory. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 27(1): 81-92., more
  • Peer reviewed article Kone, T.; Teugels, G.G. (2003). Food habits of brackish water tilapia Sarotherodon melanotheron in riverine and lacustrine environments of a West African coastal basin. Hydrobiologia 490(1-3): 75-85., more
  • Peer reviewed article Da Costa, K.S.; Gourene, G.; De Morais, L.T.; Van den Audenaerde, D.F.E.T. (2000). Fish populations in two West-African coastal rivers facing different agricultural and hydroelectric schemes. Vie Milieu (1980) 50(2): 65-77, more
  • Peer reviewed article Anseaume, L.; Teugels, G.G. (1999). On the rehabilitation of the clariid catfish genus Bathyclarias endemic to the East African Rift Lake Malawi. J. Fish Biol. 55: 405-419, more
  • Peer reviewed article Vreven, E.; Teugels, G.G. (1996). Description of a new mastacembelid species (Synbranchiformes; Mastacembelidae) from the Zaïre river basin in Africa. Copeia 1996(1): 130-139, more
  • Peer reviewed article Ozouf-Costaz, C.; Teugels, G.G.; Legendre, M. (1990). Karyological analysis of three strains of the African catfish, Clarias gariepinus (Clariidae), used in aquaculture. Aquaculture 87: 271-277, more
  • Fiers, F.; Backeljau, T.; Willenz, P.; Verheyen, E.; Govaere, J.; Grootaert, P.; Baert, L.; Jocqué, R.; Snoeks, J. (1994). Diversity and speciation in the wider Caribbean, in: Vanderborght, O. et al. (Ed.) IGBP and 'Global Change' related research in Belgium II. pp. 38, more

Projects (2)  Top | Persons | Publications 
  • Ecomorphology of the trophic apparatus in catfishes (siluriformes), more
  • Evidence and valuation of the diversity of natural populations of West-African fish species already exploited in aquaculture, more

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