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Premières Traces et Evolution de la Vie - Astrobiologie (ULG)
This institute is the successor of the institute underneath
Paléobotanique, paléopalynologie et micropaléontologie (ULG), more
Laboratoire de Paléobiogéologie, Paléobotanique, Paléopalynologie (ULG), more

English name: Early Life Traces and Evolution - Astrobiology
Parent institute: Université de Liège; Faculté des Sciences; Département de Géologie (ULG), more

Quartier Agora
Allée du 6 Août 14
4000 Liège

Tel.: +32-(0)4-366 53 23
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The Palaeobiogeology and Astrobiology team of the Palaeobiogeology, Palaeobotany and Palaeopalynology laboratory (PPP) performs research on the evolution of the early biosphere in marine environments, with emphasis on the topics palaeobiogeology (the study of the early traces and evolution of life and the evolution of the interaction between the biosphere and the geosphere during the Precambrian) and astrobiology (biosignatures and habitability).

PPP studies the following marine topics:
- Evolution of the Precambrian biosphere (4 to 0.5 billion years ago) in relation with environmental changes (redox conditions, glaciations, tectonics, nutrient availability, etc.);
- Origin, evolution, palaeobiology and palaeoecology of early eukaryotes and diversification of prokaryotes, in particular cyanobacteria;
- Macro- to nano-scale analyses (microscopy, microchemistry) of fossilisation processes and determination of biological affinities of microfossils;
- Geobiology: microbial mats in siliciclastics from recent extreme environments (Antarctica) to the Precambrian (prokaryotes and protists) and preservation of biosignatures (diagenesis, metamorphosis);
- Characterisation of biosignatures for palaeobiology and astrobiology.

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  • Peer reviewed article Steemans, P.; Pereira, E.; Le Hérissé, A.; Grahn, Y.; Streel, M.; Brito, M.; Bergamaschi, S.; Rodrigues, R. (2021). Palynology and geochemistry of the Frasnian global transgression in the Parnaiba Basin, Brazil. Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol. 284: 104345., more
  • Peer reviewed article Mbesse, C.O.; Bessong, M.; Ntamak-Nida, M.J.; Gerrienne, P.; Owono, F.M.; Bessa, A.Z.E.; Nitcheu, A.D.; Belinga, R.; Helenes, J. (2020). Palynology and palynofacies analyses in the Douala sub-basin: implications on palaeoenvironment evolution of the Souellaba Formation/west Cameroon. J. Afr. Earth Sci. 172: 104004., more
  • Peer reviewed article Baludikay, B.K.; François, C.; Sforna, M.C.; Beghin, J.; Cornet, Y.; Storme, J.-Y.; Fagel, N.; Fontaine, F.; Littke, R.; Baudet, D.; Delvaux, D.; Javaux, E.J. (2018). Raman microspectroscopy, bitumen reflectance and illite crystallinity scale: comparison of different geothermometry methods on fossiliferous Proterozoic sedimentary basins (DR Congo, Mauritania and Australia). Int. J. Coal. Geol. 191: 80-94., more
  • Peer reviewed article Garcia Muro, V.G.; Rubinstein, C.V.; Steemans, P. (2018). Late Silurian palynomorphs from the Precordillera of San Juan, Argentina: diversity, palaeoenvironmental and palaeogeographic significance. Acta Palaeontol. Pol. 63(1): 41-61., more
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  • Peer reviewed article Bougara, M.; Steemans, P.; Le Hérissé, A.; Boulvain, F. (2017). Palynologie et environnements des sédiments du Dévonien de Saïda (Algérie nord occidentale). Carnets de Géologie = Notebooks on Geology 17(10): 191-219., more
  • Peer reviewed article Lepot, K.; Addad, A.; Knoll, A.H.; Wang, J.; Troadec, D.; Béché, A.; Javaux, E.J. (2017). Iron minerals within specific microfossil morphospecies of the 1.88 Ga Gunflint Formation. Nature Comm. 8: 11 pp., more
  • Peer reviewed article Rubinstein, C.V.; Petus, E.; Niemeyer, H. (2017). Palynostratigraphy of the Zorritas Formation, Antofagasta region, Chile: insights on the Devonian/Carboniferous boundary in western Gondwana. Geoscience Frontiers 8(3): 493-506., more
  • Peer reviewed article Cascales-Miñana, B.; Diez, J.B.; Gerrienne, P.; Cleal, C.J. (2016). A palaeobotanical perspective on the great end-Permian biotic crisis. Historical Biology 28(8): 1066-1074., more
  • Peer reviewed article Moreno-Dominguez, R.; Cascales-Miñana, B.; Ferrer, J.; Diez, J.B. (2016). First record of the mangrove palm Nypa from the northeastern Ebro Basin, Spain: with taphonomic criteria to evaluate the drifting duration. Geol. Acta 14(2): 101-111., more
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  • Peer reviewed article Storme, J.-Y.; Golubic, S.; Wilmotte, A.; Kleinteich, J.; Velázquez, D.; Javaux, E.J. (2015). Raman characterization of the UV-protective pigment gloeocapsin and its role in the survival of Cyanobacteria. Astrobiol. 15(10): 843-857., more
  • Peer reviewed article Wellman, C.; Steemans, P.; Miller, M. (2015). Spore assemblages from Upper Ordovician and lowermost Silurian sediments recovered from the Qusaiba-1 shallow core hole, Qasim region, central Saudi Arabia. Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol. 212: 111-126., more
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  • Peer reviewed article Le Hérissé, A.; Masure, E.; Javaux, E.J.; Marshall, C.P. (2012). The end of a myth: Arpylorus antiquus Paleozoic dinoflagellate cyst. Palaios 27(6): 414-423., more
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