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Bedford Institute of Oceanography (DFO-BIO)

Parent institute: Government of Canada; Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), more

P.O. Box 1006, 1 Challenger Drive
Dartmouth, NS
B2Y 4A2
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  • Bedford Institute of Oceanography; Centre for Marine Biodiversity (DFO-CMB), more
  • Government of Canada; Department of Fisheries and Oceans; Bedford Institute of Oceanography; Ocean Sciences Division (DFO), more
  • Government of Canada; Department of Fisheries and Oceans; Bedford Institute of Oceanography; Program Coordination and Support Division (DFO), more

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  • (2005). Bedford Institute of Oceanography 2004 in Review. Bedford Institute of Oceanography ... in Review. Bedford Institute of Oceanography: Darthmouth. ISBN 0-662-40330-4. 88 pp., more
  • (1981). Ocean Pollution 1981: an International Conference on Chemical Contaminants in the North Atlantic Ocean. Bedford Institute of Oceanography: Halifax. 68 pp., more
  • Krauel, D.P. (1969). Bedford Basin data report - 1967. Fisheries Research Board of Canada Technical Report, 120. Bedford Institute: Dartmouth. vii, 7 + tables + figures + appendices pp., more
  • Data Series. Bedford Institute of Oceanography. Bedford Institute of Oceanography/l'Institut Océanographique de Bedford: Dartmouth. ISSN 0067-4788, more
  • Bedford Institute of Oceanography ... in Review. Bedford Institute of Oceanography: Dartmouth, N.S.. ISSN 1499-9951; e-ISSN 1499-996X, more

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  • CaRMS: The Canadian Register of Marine Species, more

Datasets (84)  Top | Institutes | Publications | Project 
  • A Study of Attached Benthic Foraminifera Associated With The Deep-Sea Coral Primnoa resedaeformis On The Scotian Margin, more
  • Abundance of hydroids in a mangrove ecosystem at Twin Cays, Belize, Central America, more
  • American eel distribution on the east coast of Canada as inferred from fishing records, more
  • Arctic Lakes Atlantic cod, more
  • Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre Rare Species in Atlantic Canada and Adjacent Marine Waters, more
  • Benthic Foraminifera Assemblages Collected From Two Sediment Cores in Emerald Basin, 1975, more
  • Benthic Foraminifera Collected from the Magdalen Shallows, Gulf of St. Lawrence, 1963, more
  • Benthic Foraminifera Collected from the Minas Basin, Spring and Autumn of 1976, more
  • Benthic Foraminifera Collected in the Canadian Arctic During the 1966 Field Season, more
  • Benthic Foraminifera samples collected during a three month cruise in Hudson Bay in 1961, more
  • BioChem: Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program (AZMP) Maritimes Region zooplankton collection, more
  • BioChem: Bedford Basin Monitoring Program zooplankton collection (1991+), more
  • BioChem: Copepod distribution in Resolute Passage, 1983-1989, more
  • BioChem: Diatom and dinoflagellate profiles collected in Bedford Basin, January to October 1967, more
  • BioChem: Macrozooplankton biomass measurements in Bedford Basin, 1969-1971, more
  • BioChem: Microzooplankton collected from Bedford Basin, 1977-1978, more
  • BioChem: Phytoplankton collected from George's Bank and Shelf Area of Nova Scotia, 1974, more
  • BioChem: Planktonic Foraminifera collected in the Equatorial and North Pacific, 1970, more
  • BioChem: Prince Edward Island inlet phytoplankton monitoring during late summer to fall, 2001-2003, more
  • BioChem: Ring net samples collected as part of a JGOFS cruise in the North Atlantic during the fall of 1992, more
  • BioChem: Seston and phytoplankton data from Hudson Bay, 1975, more
  • BioChem: The Les Harris Northwest Atlantic 0-100m zooplankton collection, more
  • BioChem: Zooplankton collected at Issungnak Artificial Island in Southern Beaufort Sea, 1981-1982, more
  • BioChem: Zooplankton collected from Davis Strait and Baffin Bay, summer 1980 and 1983, more
  • BioChem: Zooplankton collected from Davis Strait, 1976-1977, more
  • BioChem: Zooplankton collected from the Bay of Fundy and SW Scotian Shelf, 1999-2001, more
  • BioChem: Zooplankton collected from the Bay of Fundy, 2002-2007, more
  • BioChem: Zooplankton collected from the Gully, summer 2006 and 2007, more
  • BioChem: Zooplankton of St. Margarets Bay 1968 to 1971, more
  • Biotic Census of Cape Cod Bay 1965-1969: Hydroids, more
  • Birds of Brier Island, more
  • Canadian Maritimes Fishermen and Scientists Research Society Lobster Recruitment Index from Standard Traps- 2003+, more
  • Canadian Museum of Nature - Fish Collection, more
  • CBU: Meroplankton of Sydney Harbour, Nova Scotia, more
  • Dalhousie University: Drift net plankton samples collected in Lunenburg Bay, 2005-2006, more
  • DFO Central and Arctic Multi-species Stock Assessment Surveys, more
  • DFO Gulf Region Community Aquatic Monitoring Program, more
  • DFO Gulf Region Snow Crab Research Trawl Surveys, more
  • DFO Maritimes - Groundfish and Small Pelagic Tagging database. 1953-1999, more
  • DFO Maritimes Region Cetacean Sightings, more
  • DFO Maritimes Region Research Vessel Trawl Surveys - Fish Observations, more
  • DFO Maritimes Region Research Vessel Trawl Surveys - Invertebrate Observations, more
  • DFO Maritimes Region Sable Island Seals, more
  • DFO Maritimes Region Seal Aerial Surveys, more
  • DFO Maritimes: Benthic macroinvertebrates collected as part of the Pecks Cove mudflat ecosystem study, more
  • DFO Maritimes: Intertidal sediment macrofauna collected from the Bay of Fundy, more
  • DFO NL: The 1954-1993 Newfoundland cod-tagging database spatial-temporal distributions, more
  • DFO Pacific Region Groundfish Synoptic Trawl Surveys, more
  • DFO SABS: Dredging samples collected from bays along the southern coast of New Brunswick during summers of 1913 and 1914, more
  • DFO-Maritimes: Planktonic sea scallop larvae in the Canadian Gulf of Maine: Distribution and abundance data 1984-1988., more
  • DFO-SABS: Plankton data collected during 1923 Strait of Belle Isle Expedition., more
  • Distribution of benthonic foraminifera in Bras d'Or Lakes, Nova Scotia during the summer of 1965, more
  • Distribution, composition and abundance of zooplankton in Chignecto Bay during 1978, more
  • Eastern Canada Benthic Macro Fauna Database for the Eastern Canadian Continental Shelf, Slope and Adjacent Areas, more
  • ECNASAP - East Coast North America Strategic Assessment (report), more
  • Electronic Atlas of Ichthyoplankton on the Scotian Shelf of North America, more
  • Encana: Deepwater benthic taxa collected as part of a survey of Stonehouse during August-September 2002., more
  • Foraminifera and Mollusca in Surface Sediments of the Southeastern Labrador Shelf and Lake Melville, more
  • FRB Eastern Arctic Investigations: The Calanus Series, more
  • FRB: Benthic communities in the Gulf of St. Lawrence as surveyed in February 1962, more
  • FRB: Bottom fauna of Saint John Harbour and estuary as surveyed in 1959 and 1961, more
  • FRB: The Cheticamp Expedition of 1917 - Hydroid collection, more
  • FRB: Zooplankton data collected during two surveys of the Inner Bay of Fundy in 1920 and 1951, more
  • Grand Manan Basin Benthos, more
  • Gwaii Haanas Invertebrates, more
  • Gwaii Haanas Marine Plants, more
  • Marine Biological Station - Canso: Detailed list of seaweeds observed during the month of August 1902, more
  • Marine Invertebrate Diversity Initiative, more
  • Maritimes Recreational Shark Fishery Derbies, more
  • McGill University: Phytoplankton collected from St. Margarets Bay between 1966-1967, more
  • MEL: Benthic samples collected by divers with a suction dredge from Bedeque Bay, an estuary in Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1967, more
  • MEL: Marine cladocera collected from St. Margarets Bay between May to November, 1967-1969, more
  • NAFO/ICNAF - Environmental Surveys - NORWESTLANT 1-3, 1963: Fish eggs and larvae, more
  • Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History - Marine Birds, Mammals and Fishes, more
  • NRC Harmful Phytoplankton Monitoring Project - Graves Shoal, more
  • OTN/DFO Maritimes Grey seals as bioprobes, more
  • OTN/DFO Maritimes Spiny Dogfish Tagging, more
  • OTN/DFO: Porbeagle and Blue Sharks - Tag Release Metadata, more
  • Porbeagle shark surveys of Atlantic Canada, more
  • Summer distribution of pelagic birds off the coast of Argentina (A Hudson 70 Expedition data set), more
  • Systematic list of the epibiotic taxa associated with scallop shells from the Digby area of the Bay of Fundy, more
  • The Canadian Fisheries Expedition, 1914-1915: Investigations in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Atlantic waters of Canada, more
  • The Newfoundland museum (The Rooms) fish collection, more
  • Zooplankton distribution in the Arctic Ocean based on samples collected at Ice Island T-3 in 1964, more

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