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Onderzoeksgroep Evolutionaire Morfologie van de Vertebraten (UGent)
This institute is the successor of the institute underneath
Afdeling Functionele Morfologie (UGent), more

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English name: Research group Evolutionary Morphology of Vertebrates
Parent institute: Universiteit Gent; Faculteit Wetenschappen; Vakgroep Biologie (UGent), more
Previous name: Universiteit Gent; Faculteit Wetenschappen; Vakgroep Biologie; Afdeling Functionele Morfologie (UGent), more
K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35
9000 Gent
Type: Scientific

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The research group Evolutionary Morphology of Vertebrates of Ghent University originates from the laboratory of Zoology, and was founded in 2001. This research group studies the evolutionary morphology of vertebrates, including marine fish. The research topics focus on ontogeny and (abnormal) morphology of marine (and other) fish, both from an evolutionary as applied (aquaculture) context. Projects on marine fish focus on syngnathid fish, European eel, seabass and gilthead sea bream. The group also performs research on the biomimetics and potential use of natural structures in industrial design (such as prehensile tail of seahorses). The group undertook three expeditions to Gabon (1999, 2000 and 2011) to collect fish species from lakes and rivers. They also participated in an expedition to Guyana in 2007 to study the Essequibo and Amazon basin and they organised an expedition to Peru in order to study the fish fauna in Andes Rivers.

The marine research topics studied by this group are:
- Phylogeny and the evolution of the muscles and skeleton of cranial systems in Anguilliformes;
- Effect of physical and nutritional parameters on the development of Dicentrarchus labrax larvae in axenic and gnotobiotic environments;
- The application of histology and geometric morphometry in the early detection of opercular malformations in cultivated sea breams (Sparus aurata);
- The phenotypical variation in the cranial morphology of the European eel in relation to feeding ecology and pollution;
- PRO-EEL - The propagation of the European eel - towards a self-maintaining aquaculture;
- The evolution and design of the feeding apparatus of seahorses and pipefish (Syngnathidae);
- The study of the seahorse skeleton and its potential use in industrial designs.

In the future, the group will study, among others, the morphological aspects of skeletal malformations in cultivated (aquaculture) fish and will contribute to the understanding of the role of phenotypic variation in head morphology of the European eel on its ecology and bio-accumulation of pollutants, as well as the elucidation of ontogenetic patterns of the feeding apparatus and performance in European and Japanese eel larvae.

The research group collaborates closely with the laboratory of Aquaculture and Artemia Reference Center, which is the coordinator of the UGent Aquaculture R&D Consortium and the IOF consortium Aquaculture Ghent University, in which the research group Evolutionary Morphology of Vertebrates is actively involved. The group is also member of the Marine@UGent consortium. Furthermore, the group collaborates intensively with the Centre for X-ray Tomography (UGent, UGCT) and the Institute for Nature and Forest Research (INBO).

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  • Evolutionair-morfologische strategieën aan de basis van extreme bouwplannen: bouw van het voedselopname-apparaat bij Syngnathidae, more
  • Higher level evolutionary history of the catfishes (Siluriformes), inferred from molecular and morphological data, more
  • Marine@Ugent: UGent Marine Sciences Center of Excellence, more
  • UGent Aquaculture R&D Consortium, more

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