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Borgonie, Gaëtan

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    Universiteit Gent; Faculteit Wetenschappen; Vakgroep Biologie; Afdeling Nematologie, more

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    ( 13 peer reviewed ) split up
  • Peer reviewed article Bert, W.; Messiaen, M.; Manhout, J.; Houthoofd, W.; Borgonie, G. (2006). Evolutionary Loss of Parasitism by Nematodes? Discovery of a Free-Living Filaroid Nematode. J. Parasitol. 92(3): 645-647, more
  • Peer reviewed article Bert, W.; Leliaert, F.; Vierstraete, A. R.; Vanfleteren, J. R.; Borgonie, G. (2008). Molecular phylogeny of the Tylenchina and evolution of the female gonoduct (Nematoda: Rhabditida). Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 48(2): 728-744., more
  • Peer reviewed article Bert, W.; Manhout, J.; Van Colen, C.; Borgonie, G.; Decraemer, W. (2009). Nematode assemblages in a nature reserve with historical pollution. Belg. J. Zool. 139(1): 3-14, more
  • Boone, M.; Claeys, M.; Borgonie, G.; Artois, T. (2009). Morphological studies on Nemertodermatida sampled in the Belgian part of the North Sea, in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) VLIZ Young Scientists' Day, Brugge, Belgium 6 March 2009: book of abstracts. VLIZ Special Publication, 41: pp. 26, more
  • Peer reviewed article De Mulder, K.; Kuales, G.; Pfister, D.; Egger, B.; Seppi, T.; Eichberger, P.; Borgonie, G.; Ladurner, P. (2010). Potential of Macrostomum lignano to recover from γ-ray irradiation. Cell Tissue Res. 339(3): 527-542., more
  • Peer reviewed article Mouton, S.; Willems, M.; Braeckman, B.P.; Egger, B.; Ladurner, P.; Schärer, L.; Borgonie, G. (2009). The free-living flatworm Macrostomum lignano: a new model organism for ageing research. Experimental Gerontology 44(4): 243-249., more
  • Peer reviewed article Mouton, S.; Willems, M.; Back, P.; Braeckman, B.P.; Borgonie, G. (2009). Demographic analysis reveals gradual senescence in the flatworm Macrostomum lignano. Front. Zool. 6: 7 pp., more
  • Peer reviewed article Pfister, D.; De Mulder, K.; Hartenstein, V.; Kuales, G.; Borgonie, G.; Marx, F.; Morris, J.; Ladurner, P. (2008). Flatworm stem cells and the germ line: developmental and evolutionary implications of macvasa expression in Macrostomum lignano. Dev. Biol. 319(1): 146-159., more
  • Peer reviewed article Savatenalinton, S.; Borgonie, G.; Martens, K. (2008). On Thaicythere srisumonae n. gen., n. sp (Ostracoda) from Thailand, with notes on the phylogeny of the subfamily Timiriaseviinae Mandelstam, 1960. Crustaceana 81(4): 411-432., more
  • Peer reviewed article Teske, P.; McLay, C.; Sandoval-Castillo, J.; Papadopoulos, I.; Newman, B.; Griffiths, C.; McQuaid, C.; Barker, N.; Borgonie, G.; Beheregaray, L. (2009). Tri-locus sequence data reject a "Gondwanan origin hypothesis" for the African/South Pacific crab genus Hymenosoma. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 53(1): 23-33., more
  • Peer reviewed article Willems, M.; Leroux, F.; Huysentruyt, F.; Adriaens, D.; Claeys, M.; Artois, T.; Borgonie, G. (2008). From stem cell to complex sperm in the Rhabditophoran Macrostomum lignano. J. Morphol. (1931) 269(12): 1481., more
  • Peer reviewed article Willems, M.; Egger, B.; Wolff, C.; Mouton, S.; Houthoofd, W.; Fonderie, P.; Couvreur, M.; Artois, T.; Borgonie, G. (2009). Embryonic origins of hull cells in the flatworm Macrostomum lignano through cell lineage analysis: developmental and phylogenetic implications. Dev. Genes Evol. 219(8): 409-417., more
  • Peer reviewed article Willems, M.; Leroux, F.; Claeys, M.; Boone, M.; Mouton, S.; Artois, T.; Borgonie, G. (2009). Ontogeny of the complex sperm in the macrostomid flatworm Macrostomum lignano (Macrostomorpha, Rhabditophora). J. Morphol. (1931) 270(2): 162-174., more
  • Peer reviewed article Willems, M.; Boone, M.; Couvreur, M.; De Mulder, K.; Van Ranst, J.; Artois, T.; Borgonie, G. (2009). Use of freeze-cracking in ontogenetic research in Macrostomum lignano (Macrostomida, Rhabditophora). Dev. Genes Evol. 219(5): 273-279., more

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