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Dr Buia, Maria Cristina

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    Stazione Zoologica 'Anton Dohrn' di Napoli; Benthic Ecology Laboratory, more
    Function: Head of Laboratory - Ecology/Plant Physiology

    Direct contact at institute:
    Tel.: +39-081-583 35 04
    Fax: +39-081-98 42 01

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  • Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning - EU Network of Excellence, more
  • Role of Secondary Metabolites in Ecosystem Biodiversity, more

Publications (18)  Top | Institute | Publications | Projects 
    ( 15 peer reviewed ) split up
  • Buia, M.C.; Gambi, M.C.; Terlizzi, A.; Mazzella, L. (2001). Colonization of Caulerpa racemosa along the southern Italian coasts: Distribution, phenological variability and ecological role, in: Gravez, V. et al. (Ed.) Proceedings of Fourth International Workshop on Caulerpia taxifolia. pp. 350-360, more
  • Peer reviewed article Buia, M.C.; Gambi, M.C.; Dappiano, M. (2004). Seagrass systems. Biol. Mar. Medit. 11(Suppl. 1): 133-183, more
  • Peer reviewed article Cancemi, G.; Buia, M.C.; Mazzella, L. (2002). Structure and growth dynamics of Cymodocea nodosa meadow. Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 66(4): 365-373, more
  • Peer reviewed article Corriero, G.; Pierri, C.; Accoroni, S.; Alabiso, G.; Bavestrello, G.; Barbone, E.; Bastianini, M.; Bazzoni, A.M.; Bernardi Aubry, F.; Boero, F.; Buia, M.C.; Cabrini, M.; Camatti, E.; Cardone, F.; Cataletto, B.; Cattaneo-Vietti, R.; Cecere, E.; Cibic, T.; Colangelo, P.; de Olazabal, A.; D'Onghia, G.; Finotto, S.; Fiore, N.; Fornasaro, D.; Fraschetti, S.; Gambi, M.C.; Giangrande, A.; Gravili, C.; Guglielmo, R.; Longo, C.; Lorenti, M.; Lugliè, A.; Maiorano, P.; Mazzocchi, M.G.; Mercurio, M.; Mastrototaro, F.; Mistri, M.; Monti, M.; Munari, C.; Musco, L.; Nonnis-Marzano, C.; Padedda, B.M.; Patti, F.P.; Petrocelli, A.; Piraino, S.; Portacci, G.; Pugnetti, A.; Pulina, S.; Romagnoli, T.; Rosati, I.; Sarno, D.; Satta, C.T.; Sechi, N.; Schiaparelli, S.; Scipione, B.; Sion, L.; Terlizzi, A.; Tirelli, V.; Totti, C.; Tursi, A.; Ungaro, N.; Zingone, A.; Zupo, V.; Basset, A. (2016). Ecosystem vulnerability to alien and invasive species: a case study on marine habitats along the Italian coast. Aquat. Conserv. 26(2): 392-409., more
  • Peer reviewed article Gambi, M.C.; Zupo, V.; Buia, M.C.; Mazzella, L. (2000). Feeding ecology of Platynereis dumerilii (Audouin-Milne-Edwards) in the seagrass Posidonia oceanica system: the role of the epiphytic flora. Ophelia 53(3): 189-202, more
  • Peer reviewed article Guidetti, P.; Lorenti, M.; Buia, M.C.; Mazzella, L. (2002). Temporal dynamics and biomass partitioning in three Adriatic seagrass species: Posidonia oceanica, Cymodocea nodosa, Zostera marina. Mar. Ecol. (Berl.) 23(1): 51-67, more
  • Peer reviewed article Guidetti, P.; Buia, M.C.; Mazzella, L. (2000). The use of lepidochronology as a tool of analysis of dynamic features of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica of the Adriatic Sea. Bot. Mar. 43: 1-9, more
  • Peer reviewed article Hall-Spencer, J.M.; Rodolfo-Metalpa, R.; Martin, S.; Ransome, E.; Fine, M.; Turner, S.M.; Rowley, S.J.; Tedesco, D.; Buia, M.C. (2008). Volcanic carbon dioxide vents show ecosystem effects of ocean acidification. Nature (Lond.) 454(7200): 96-99, more
  • Peer reviewed article Kumar, A.; AbdElgawad, H.; Castellano, I.; Lorenti, M.; Delledonne, M.; Beemster, G.T.S.; Asard, H.; Buia, M.C.; Palumbo, A. (2017). Physiological and biochemical analyses shed light on the response of Sargassum vulgare to ocean acidification at different time scales. Front. Plant Sci. 8: 570., more
  • Peer reviewed article Kumar, A.; Castellano, I.; Patti, F.P.; Delledonne, M.; AbdElgawad, H.; Beemster, G.T.S.; Asard, H.; Palumbo, A.; Buia, M.C. (2017). Molecular response of Sargassum vulgare to acidification at volcanic CO2 vents: insights from de novo transcriptomic analysis. Mol. Ecol. 26(8): 2276-2290., more
  • Peer reviewed article Maibam, C.; Fink, P.; Romano, G.; Buia, M.C.; Butera, E.; Zupo, V. (2015). Centropages typicus (Crustacea, Copepoda) reacts to volatile compounds produced by planktonic algae. Mar. Ecol. (Berl.) 36(3): 819-834., more
  • Peer reviewed article Meron, D.; Buia, M.C.; Fine, M.; Banin, E. (2013). Changes in microbial communities associated with the sea anemone Anemonia viridis in a natural pH gradient. Microb. Ecol. 65(2): 269-276., more
  • Porzio, L.; Buia, M.C.; De Stefano, M. (2012). Epiphytic diatom community response to ocean acidification, in: Sabbe, K. et al. (Ed.) Twenty-second International Diatom Symposium, Aula Academica, Ghent, 26-31 August 2012. Abstracts. VLIZ Special Publication, 58: pp. 205, more
  • Procaccini, G.; Buia, M.C.; Gambi, M.C.; Pergent, G.; Pergent-Martini, C.; Romero, J. (2003). The seagrasses of the western Mediterranean, in: Green, E.P. et al. (Ed.) World atlas of seagrasses. pp. 48-58, more
  • Peer reviewed article Raniello, R.; Lorenti, M.; Brunet, C.; Buia, M.C. (2004). Photosynthetic plasticity of the green alga Caulerpa racemosa var. occidentalis: light harvesting capacity and seasonal acclimation in a coastal mediterranean area. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 274: in press, more
  • Peer reviewed article Ravaglioli, C.; Lauritano, C.; Buia, M.C.; Balestri, E.; Capocchi, A.; Fontanini, D.; Pardi, G.; Tamburello, L.; Procaccini, G.; Bulleri, F. (2017). Nutrient loading fosters seagrass productivity under ocean acidification. NPG Scientific Reports 7(1): 14 pp., more
  • Peer reviewed article Zupo, V.; Mazzella, L.; Buia, M.C.; Gambi, M.C.; Lorenti, M.; Scipione, M.B.; Cancemi, G. (2006). A small-scale analysis of the spatial structure of a Posidonia oceanica meadow off the Island of Ischia (Gulf of Naples, Italy): relationship with the seafloor morphology. Aquat. Bot. 84(2): 101-109, more
  • Peer reviewed article Zupo, V.; Maibam, C.; Buia, M.C.; Gambi, M.C.; Patti, F.P.; Scipione, M.B.; Lorenti, M.; Fink, P. (2015). Chemoreception of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica by benthic invertebrates is altered by seawater acidification. J. Chem. Ecol. 41(8): 766-779., more

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