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In 2022 Flemish government makes booster injection for scientific research with social impact

Added on: 2022-01-03
Just before Christmas, the Flemish government approved six covenants with Flemish research institutions – including the Flanders Marine Institute. The Flemish Minister for Science Policy, Innovation and Economy Hilde Crevits gives political priority to research with a societal impact: from climate impact on marine life, to better technologies in healthcare. With more than 33 million euros in additional resources in 2022, she wants to strengthen these research institutions in order to further expand their knowledge and strengthen their international position. ...

Flemish and Federal Government regulate the cooperation between their two research vessels

Added on: 2021-12-16
Today, BELSPO, on behalf of the Federal Government, and the EWI Department – the Department for Economy, Science and Innovation – on behalf of the Flemish Government, signed an agreement framework regarding the deployment of their two research vessels. The framework regulates the reciprocity of the use of ship-time between Federal scientific institutions and Flemish scientific research centers. It also stipulates that the RV Simon Stevin and RV Belgica will continue to be made available free of charge to a wide range of users in the future. ...

Belgian marine research continues its growth

Added on: 2021-12-07
Annually VLIZ reports on the status of marine research in Flanders and Belgium in the form of a policy informing brief, so keeping its finger on the pulse of this dynamic field of research. The most recent census maps the growing research capacity and their scientific output for the year 2020. The report also examines the strong international partnerships, the broad geographic focus of the research and the use of nearly 300 research vessels and other research platforms worldwide. ...

Closer collaboration between VLIZ and Basque AZTI

Added on: 2021-11-19
During an economic and innovation mission of Flemish minister-president Jan Jambon, VLIZ signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Basque AZTI. This research centre has a strong marine expertise and is known for delivering cutting-edge products and technologies. ...

WoRMS endorsed as a Project Action under the Ocean Decade

Added on: 2021-10-22
Mid October, the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) received endorsement by the UN Ocean Decade as a Project Action, entitled 'Above and Beyond – Completing the World Register of Marine Species (ABC WoRMS)'. ...

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