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WoRMS and the Australian Faunal Directory sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Added on: 2019-05-09
The World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) and the Australian Faunal Directory (AFD) signed an agreement to work together more closely and facilitate the exchange of data. By joining the forces the two registers promote the use of biodiversity information systems for scientific research. ...

Mapping North Sea bottom-dwellers via automated DNA-recognition

Added on: 2019-04-26
VLIZ is one of nine partners who will work together in the Interreg North Sea project GEANS – Genetic tools for Ecosystem health Assessment in the North Sea region – to monitor seabeds in the North Sea more accurately and efficiently by DNA barcoding. Instead of the time-consuming manual identifications that are common now, DNA passports of those species known to be sensitive indicators of ecosystem changes, should make it possible to quickly receive alarm signals when monitoring human activities in the North Sea. ...

Looking back at the VLIZ Marine Science Day 2019

Added on: 2019-04-16
The VLIZ Marine Science Day 2019 of 13 March brought together some 400 marine scientists, students and companies in Bredene for a day full of inspiring presentations and demonstrations. The MEC Staff Versluys turned out to be just big enough. Could you not participate? Or do you want to review some things quietly? Just take a look at our VMSD19 retrospective page. You will find all the video of the oral presentations, the abstracts and photos, and all the information about the award winners. ...

Basque delegation for environment visits InnovOcean site

Added on: 2019-03-28
On 26 and 27 March, a Basque delegation paid a visit to Flanders. Visitors could get acquainted with several Flemish internationally renowned institutions active in marine and maritime research and research support. The delegation visited the InnovOcean site, which accomodates VLIZ and a other internationally renowned marine institutions. This two-day working visit was part of the Declaration of Intent Flanders - Basque Country, which was concluded in 2015. ...

VLIZ data centre rewarded with IODE accreditation

Added on: 2019-03-20
The VLIZ data center, or the Flemish Marine Data Center (VMDC), is accredited as an IODE National Oceanographic Data Center. VMDC is only the 10th data center that receives this accreditation for marine data management and services. The IODE accreditation is the result of a collective effort by the entire data center and is a reward for the innovative and service-oriented work that the data center has delivered over the past two decades. ...

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