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Laureates scientific awards VLIZ 2016 presented

Added on 2017-03-29
On the occasion of the VLIZ Marine Science Day 2017 in the beginning of March the winners of all VLIZ scientific awards were announced. Every year VLIZ awards two Master Thesis Awards to graduation theses in marine sciences. The North Sea Award gives the recognition to innovative marine research. The laureate of the VLIZ Communication Award wins a year-long personal communication coaching. New this year were the scholarships for Brilliant Marine Research Ideas, funded through our philanthropic activities. On the spot the public can vote for the best oral and poster presentation. We put all the winners in a row and look forward to the continuation of their projects!

Laureates of the VLIZ Scientific Awards (from left to right): Emmanuel Van Acker, Tom Van der Stocken, Gabriela Vergara, Niels Van Putte, Franz Maximilian Heindler, Maikel De Clercq, Laurine Burdorf, Katleen Wils, Raf Meskens and Alberto Scoma (Alice Cransveld missing). Photo: VLIZ (Reynaert)

North Sea Award 2016
  • Alberto Scoma (UGent, Centrum voor Microbiële Ecologie en Technologie) - The “Alcanivorax paradox”: mild hydrostatic pressure impacts deep-sea oil bioremediation

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VLIZ Thesis Award for Marine Sciences 2016
  • Katleen Wils (UGent, Renard Centre of Marine Geology) - Reconstruction of the seismic history of Aysén fjord (South Chile) by means of seismic stratigraphy and sediment-core analysis
  • Niels Van Putte (UA, Onderzoeksgroep Ecosysteembeheer) - Groundwater flow in tidal marshes: a comparison of a natural and a restored marsh

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VLIZ Brilliant Marine Research Ideas 2016
  • Emmanuel Van Acker (UGent, Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology and Aquatic Ecology) - Do marine aerosols improve human health? - An exploratory "holistic" approach
  • Laurine Burdorf (VUB, Chemistry Department) - Who are the cable bacteria?
  • Raf Meskens (Antwerp Maritime Academy) - A dynamic testing platform for anti-fouling coatings
  • Franz Maximilian Heindler (KU Leuven, Laboratory of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Genomics) - Refugia of Antarctic Icefish

The results obtained with the support of the scholarships will be presented at the VLIZ Marine Science Day 2018.
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VLIZ Communication Award 2016: results
VLIZ Communication Award 2017
  • Maikel De Clercq (UGent, Department of Geology) - The value of archaeological potential mapping for the offshore industry.

The results obtained through the communication coaching will be presented at the VLIZ Marine Science Day 2018.
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Oral Presentation Award 2017 (pre-doc niveau)

Alice Cransveld - Mercury stable isotopes discriminate different populations of common Seabass around Europe and provide insight on mercury cycle

Oral Presentation Award 2017 (post-doc niveau)

Tom Van der Stocken - Modeling mangrove propagule dispersal trajectories using high-resolution estimates of ocean surface winds and currents

Poster Presentation Award 2017

Gabriela Vergara - Distribution of zooplankton in the coastal area of the Belgian part of the North Sea, with focus on the harbors of Oostende, Zeebrugge and Nieuwpoort

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