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Missed the EMODnet Open Sea Lab hackathon? Watch the aftermovie

Added on 2018-02-09
From 15 to 17 November 2017, the very first EMODnet Open Sea Lab hackathon took place in the Startup Village in Antwerp. The event was organized by EMODnet, together with the R&D and innovation hub IMEC and VLIZ. Seven international teams participated in this bootcamp and competition. They were challenged to discover the potential of the open data offered by EMODnet. All of them developed innovative applications useful for citizens and companies active in the blue economy. Experience the excitement, enthusiasm and creativity during this three-day event!

Photo: EMODnet (Leemans)

Watch the video and photo gallery, and discover this vibrant, innovative and creative three-day event in the StartUp Village in Antwerp.

During this bootcamp and hackathon interested persons from 15 different countries (including Canada) came together. They were able to participate in workshops led by experts, but were also offered individualized training courses to improve their data manipulation, business modeling, user testing and pitching skills.

The participants then competed with each other in a team. The assignment was to develop an innovative and new application, using marine open data from offered by EMODnet (the European Marine Observation and Data Network). The ideas developed varied from tools to support fishermen, environmental managers and the marine wind energy industry to applications for sea and coastal tourism for the general public. A common theme was the need to develop an interface that uses the vast mass of available marine data and makes it accessible to users in a way that is understandable and usable for specific needs.

The seven progressive concepts and demos were presented to a jury. The winning Team 5 (with some familiar VLIZ faces) developed a tool to select suitable areas for the cultivation of seaweeds in Europe. Congratulations!

More information about all developed demos can be found on the website of EMODnet.

Link: www.emodnet.eu/missed-open-sea-lab-watch-film

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