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Get started now to guarantee our North Sea a sustainable future in 2050

Added on 2019-12-19
The Think Thank North Sea is working on a widely supported long-term vision 2050 for the Belgian part of the North Sea. Two working groups set to work in 2019 on the themes 'Working with nature' and 'Living with climate change'. They now come up with recommendations and core principles that stakeholders can take into account in their operations today to guarantee a nice future for our part of the North Sea in 2050. The findings and recommendations of the two working groups are presented in concise and beautifully illustrated vision texts. Everyone can get started with it within his or her field! Whether you are a citizen, a scientist, a policy maker or work in industry.
Worldwide Belgium is in tenth place in terms of vulnerability to higher sea levels. Within the ‘Living with climate change’ working group, representatives from the quadruple helix (policy, industry, science, citizens) jointly philosophized about the main concerns that stand in the way of a viable, safe coastal zone by 2050. These concerns were then linked to specific action points, applicable at the different organizational levels.

Working with nature offers interesting possibilities for the future exploitation of marine ecosystem services. Providing focus and proper planning at all levels, working with nature can be an integral part of the business plan for all human activities at sea by 2050. The vision text elaborates three specific examples, thus demonstrating the breadth of possibilities for building with nature at sea: natural coastal defense, multi-trophic aquaculture and nature-inclusive offshore constructions.

Download both vision texts and infographics from the VLIZ website (available in English, Dutch and French):


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