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Marine Regions launches update of global maritime boundaries

Added on 2019-11-20
Marine Regions – an open database of global maritime boundaries and names of underwater locations – launched a new version of its Maritime Boundaries component. This version 11 contains updates of downloadable polygons from the global Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), supplemented with new treaties where necessary, as well as all 12- and 24-nautical mile zones, internal and archipelagic waters of marine states.

The aim of Marine Regions ( is to establish a standard register of marine geographical names and areas worldwide, linked to information and maps of these geographical locations. Marine Regions includes a Gazetteer, a database with geographical marine names of, among other things, seas, sandbanks, bays, undersea mountains, ridges and even sampling sites for marine research. Marine Regions, on the other hand, also contains the Maritime Boundaries database in which all possible boundaries at sea are documented. This last part has now been updated and is freely available via the download page of

Marine Regions is managed by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) as part of the LifeWatch Species Information Backbone and is supported by the Flemish contribution for LifeWatch.

Consult the Marine Regions website for a precise overview of all novelties in version 11:


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