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High-tech LifeWatch observatory unravels marine life in North Sea

Added on: 2018-03-07
LifeWatch Belgium, as a part of the European LifeWatch infrastructure, can be considered as a virtual laboratory for biodiversity research. With the support of Flanders to LifeWatch, VLIZ has a.o. developed a Marine Observatory. It aims to collect scientific data with innovative technology in an automated manner, and to make these data freely available to all potential users. On the one hand, several innovative devices to map phytoplankton (Flow Cytometer) and zooplankton (Video Plankton Recorder) are used during monthly campaigns in the Belgian part of the North Sea. On the other hand, four passive networks register and detect the presence of larger organisms (birds, porpoises, bats and fish) with a minimal human effort. ...

MarineRegions.org launches update register worldwide maritime borders and names

Added on: 2018-02-26
The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) has been investing for more than 10 years in an open source system for making maritime borders available and names underwater locations worldwide: MarineRegions.org. The download of shapefiles (polygons or polylines) and checklists of maritime and underwater locations is free for academic and educational users*. In the latest version of Marine Regions (v10), new treaties were added and the disputes known from the earlier version addressed to us were addressed. ...

Student job vacancies at VLIZ for summer 2018

Added on: 2018-02-13
Each year VLIZ recruits several students working for us in the months of July, August or September. Interested student employees may send a CV, letter of motivation and preference for period and activity or division before 16 April 2018. ...

Winners of the VLIZ Awards 2017 announced

Added on: 2018-02-13
Every year the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) honors the work of meritorious marine researchers. In this way we aim to encourage them to continue to provide high-quality scientific contributions in the future and to promote marine scientific research in Flanders and the North Sea.The winners of the North Sea Award and the Thesis Awards edition 2017 have just been announced. They will receive their prize at the VLIZ Marine Science Day on 21 March 2018. ...

Missed the EMODnet Open Sea Lab hackathon? Watch the aftermovie

Added on: 2018-02-09
From 15 to 17 November 2017, the very first EMODnet Open Sea Lab hackathon took place in the Startup Village in Antwerp. The event was organized by EMODnet, together with the R&D and innovation hub IMEC and VLIZ. Seven international teams participated in this bootcamp and competition. They were challenged to discover the potential of the open data offered by EMODnet. All of them developed innovative applications useful for citizens and companies active in the blue economy. Experience the excitement, enthusiasm and creativity during this three-day event! ...

VLIZ launches its research framework

Added on: 2018-02-06
Since 2017, VLIZ has been mandated to initiate and perform research, at the service of, in collaboration with or complementary to the Flemish and international Marine Research Groups. In order to organise the marine research, VLIZ established a new Research division, which now presents its research framework. Through this research framework, VLIZ aims to strengthen the Flemish marine research community and contributes to its mission: promoting the accumulation of marine knowledge and excellence in marine research in Flanders. ...

VLIZ establishes a Marine Robotics Centre

Added on: 2018-01-17
The Flemish government invests 3 million euros into a Marine Robotics Centre, exploited by VLIZ from 2018 onwards. The intension of this Marine Robotics Centre is to grant Flemish scientists and their (inter)national partners, as well as other Flemish actors in the marine robotics scene, access to the latest technologies in the marine research field. To accomplish this goal, VLIZ will acquire two robotic devices which are complementary to the already available remotely operated vehicle ROV Genesis. ...

Inventory of the marine research landscape in Flanders and Belgium: who, what, where and evolution

Added on: 2018-01-16
Every year the compendium secretariat of VLIZ reports a policy informing brief on the current state of marine research in Flanders and Belgium. This in the framework of the Compendium for Coast and Sea. The inventory touches upon the marine research capacity and the scientific output, but also looks at international partnerships, the geographical focus of the study areas and the use of research vessels among various other things. The inventory shows that marine research is growing in Belgium and is firmly internationally anchored. ...

Call for abstracts VLIZ Marine Science Day 2018

Added on: 2017-11-22
The VLIZ Marine Science Day has become an established event for all marine and coastal scientists in Flanders and its neighbouring regions. Would you like to present your marine research or activities on 21 March 2018 at the MEC Staf Versluys center in Bredene? Send us an abstract before 14 January and indicate if you want to participate in the competition of oral and poster presentations, or rather give a demo. Marine and maritime companies can introduce themselves at the 'Meet the Company' event.

Call VLIZ Marine Science Awards 2017

Added on: 2017-11-21
Each year, the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) organizes its marine scientific prizes. Discover here what prizes you qualify for. New this year is the VLIZ Bachelor Thesis Award. ...

Flanders signs agreement with UC Santa Barbara (California, USA) to jointly tackle marine challenges

Added on: 2017-10-30
Last week, the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and the Benioff Ocean Initiative (BOI) signed an agreement to join forces and collaborate in marine research. With this international cooperation, both institutes agree to exchange their expertise in order to tackle marine issues in the future. ...

European culinary contest for young and future professional chefs: opting for sustainable seafood - new deadline: 14.01

Added on: 2017-10-27
The 2018 edition of the culinary contest Olivier Roellinger is officially launched now. The competition is open to young and future chefs who want to contribute to the conservation of marine resources and the protection of the seas and ocean. Deadline for submission is due 14 January. The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) is partner and hopes to welcome a lot of applications from Belgium and The Netherlands! ...

A Sea Change for Ocean Literacy: Co-exploring ocean topics and issues

Added on: 2017-10-24
From Monday 30 October 2017 to Friday 17 November 2017, ‘Sea Change’ organizes a three-part seminar series. Topics and issues related to our ocean and seas, as well as their future societal importance, will be discussed. We invite all people with an interest in marine science education to participate. ...

Call Brilliant Marine Research Idea 2018

Added on: 2017-10-17
VLIZ launches a new call for ‘Brilliant Marine Research Ideas’ intended to inspire and enable PhD students affiliated to a Flemish University or Flemish University College to execute a brilliant idea during their PhD within the frame of their research. Deadline for the submission of proposals is 15 December 2017. ...

Ecodesign Challenge stimulates ideas to tackle the plastic soup

Added on: 2017-10-16
How can we get rid of the plastic soup? One hundred and forty students tried to answer this question during the OVAM Ecodesign Challenge 2017, a 2-day event at which students brainstormed on a creative solution for a challenge posed by OVAM. ...

EMODnet Biology workshop in London identifies need for data products essential for users

Added on: 2017-10-13
What data products can we develop based on marine biological data pumped into EMODnet Biology? Which tools are essential for management, policy, planning and education? The EMODnet Biology workshop in London (10 October 2017) held a brainstorm on these two questions with representatives of high level data users, such as the four European regional sea commissions, various global and transatlantic initiatives, industry, nature conservation and management organizations. ...

Marine Citizen Science: towards an engaged and ocean literate society

Added on: 2017-10-13
Citizen Science is a new research approach that is rapidly gaining interest, especially in marine and maritime sciences. On a voluntary basis, citizens help scientists by gathering and analyzing data in a scientifically sound way. With regard to the ocean, Citizen Science has a special role to play. The vastness of the ocean and the lack of connection most people feel with the blue part of our planet, make Marine Citizen Science a vital tool to promote ocean literacy and engage citizens in coastal and ocean research. ...

Looking back at the first VLIZ Science Symposium: the Ocean and Human Health

Added on: 2017-10-10
The first VLIZ Science Symposium of 6 September has been passed for a couple of weeks. The presence of the two laureates of the Delcroix Prize, which were presented on a previous day, in Ostend was the direct reason for the organization of a scientific symposium on ‘the Ocean and Human Health’. Ten excellent speakers working in this multidisciplinary research theme gave insight into their research results. You were not able to be present on 6 September? No worries! Relive the interesting morning session through the materials made available online. ...

The ROV Genesis for everyone

Added on: 2017-09-11
Did you know that VLIZ puts the ROV Genesis at the disposal of the entire marine research community? As a marine scientist, you can make use of the Remotely Operated Vehicle for your research, both nationally and internationally. A brand-new animated film illustrates the working and functions of the ROV. ...

Birdcage at VOC Ostend with the financial support of VLIZ

Added on: 2017-08-25
A new block of birdcages is operational at the Wildlife Rescue Centre Ostend. This infrastructure has been realized with the financial support of a.o. VLIZ. The birdcage serves for birds to recover, but functions as well as an enclosed environment to conduct research on birds. ...