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Online VLIZ Marine Science Day 2021 - call for abstracts

Added on: 2020-10-30
The VLIZ Marine Science Day 2021 will come with a spicy and concise digital program on 3 March 2021. Send us your abstract for an online presentation or digital poster (video) presentation before December 16. ...

VLIZ expands its research capacity in the new 'Ocean Innovation Space'

Added on: 2020-10-07
On the 2nd of October 2020, the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) launched the 'Ocean Innovation Space', an expansion of its Marine Station Ostend. With the new building, VLIZ will be able to increase its research capacity and meet the intensive and rapid growth of the institute. ...

VLIZ strengthens cooperation with Ecuador on marine sciences

Added on: 2020-10-06
On 6 October a Memorandum of Understanding was signed to confirm the existing Flemish-Ecuadorian cooperation in marine research and strengthen the exchange of data, information and expertise between the two countries. ...

VLIZ Awards for Marine Sciences: call 2020 launched

Added on: 2020-07-06
To recognize the work of meritorious marine researchers, encourage them to continue doing this in the future, and promote marine scientific research in Flanders: that is what the Flanders Marine Institute wants to achieve with its annual science awards. Until 13 December, candidates for the VLIZ North Sea Award, VLIZ Master Thesis Awards and VLIZ Professional Bachelor Thesis Award can register for the 2020 call. The award ceremony will take place on the VLIZ Marine Science Day 2021 on Wednesday 3 March 2021 in De Grote Post, Ostend, Belgium. ...

Construction of the InnovOcean Campus in Ostend officially started

Added on: 2020-07-02
On 30 June Flemish Minister of Economy, Innovation and Agriculture Hilde Crevits laid the symbolic foundation stone of the new InnovOcean Campus. By the end of 2022, this state-of-the-art and energy efficient building will be the new accommodation for the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and its (inter)national partners, where we will co-house with the Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO). The brand new building in Ostend should boost marine research. The construction of the campus involves an investment of 20 million euros. ...

Green light for PLUXIN project: mapping and remediating plastic pollution in rivers

Added on: 2020-06-19
The amount of plastic in rivers and the ocean is increasing all the time. Within the frame of the PLUXIN project, Flemish scientists, entrepreneurs and The Blue Cluster are joining forces to map the plastics transported to the sea via ports and rivers, using innovative and automatic detection methods. The ultimate goal is to provide solutions and to set up pioneering commercial initiatives in Flanders in the plastic sanitation of water and sediments. ...

Microplastics are everywhere – ANDROMEDA investigates correct detection and quantification in the sea

Added on: 2020-06-18
Plastic litter is a worldwide problem. Once in the environment, the plastic crumbles into smaller particles. Also through the use of synthetic clothing and cosmetics, abrasive paint layers and car tires, etc. small plastic particles are released. They end up in the air, water and soil. And ultimately also in the sea. Detection and quantification of the smallest fraction of plastics - the so-called micro- and nanoplastics - remains a major challenge for researchers. Because how do you count and measure these small plastic particles if they are all around you and contamination is appropriate? The ANDROMEDA research project takes up the challenge. ...

In search of bioactive compounds in organisms from the Belgian North Sea

Added on: 2020-06-02
The marine environment offers a wide variety of organisms. All of them can contain potentially interesting bioactive compounds. Under the motto “who does not seek, does not find”, the PROBIO project aims to intensively screen a selection of marine organisms from Belgian waters for potentially interesting bioactive molecules. The research consortium aims to provide an essential knowledge base for commercial applications in various sectors. ...

VLIZ and corona COVID-19

Added on: 2020-06-01
To contain the second corona wave, VLIZ is taking measures. Visitors are temporarily not allowed in the offices of VLIZ, including the library. The Marine Station Ostend is exceptionally accessible to third parties, but only by appointment. Most of our employees work from home, but they remain accessible. The VLIZ offices, including the library and the Marine Station Ostend, are currently only open to visitors by appointment. Many employees regularly work from home to respect the measures, but they remain available. ...

Extra research initiatives by VLIZ on COVID-19

Added on: 2020-05-25
The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) is also experiencing the consequences of the Corona pandemic. But COVID-19 also created opportunities. In recent weeks, VLIZ has adjusted its activities to focus on social services and new research in the context of the current crisis. This resulted in a varied package of initiatives: ...

Annual report bundles VLIZ achievements in 2019

Added on: 2020-05-08
The 2019 annual report presents the highlights for VLIZ in 2019 and focuses on the services VLIZ offers to the marine scientific community, policymakers, the industry, educators and the general public. Performance indicators (KPIs), numbers and lists all together give a transparent overview of the organization and functioning of the institute. ...

Strategic themes for research and innovation agenda for the Baltic and North Sea regions (BANOS) determined

Added on: 2020-04-03
With the preparation of a joint Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), the 13 countries located around the Baltic Sea and the North Sea (BANOS) are providing the basis for the future Research and Innovation Program that needs to generate new knowledge and innovation in support of the decision-making in the region. The three major strategic objectives of this new program have been established now: (1) healthy seas and coasts, (2) sustainable blue economy and (3) human well-being. The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) is involved in the preparation of the BANOS SRIA and is – in close consultation with the Flemish government (Department of Economy, Science and Innovation) – representing the interests of the Flemish marine and maritime research community in this. ...

Laureats VLIZ Awards 2019 announced

Added on: 2020-03-20
Every year VLIZ awards several prizes to encourage innovative fundamental or applied research in all disciplines of marine sciences. Unfortunately, the 20th VLIZ Marine Science Day, on 18 March 2020, had to be cancelled due to measures to contain the Corona virus and the prizes could not publically presented. In this news item, we list all the winners of the VLIZ Awards 2019. We would like to congratulate them and hope that this prize is a push for them to continue their sound marine research!

The ten most remarkable new marine species from 2019

Added on: 2020-03-19
Today 19 March we celebrate all taxonomists: those who are busy day-to-day with discovering and describing new species. Many creatures living in our ocean are still unknown to humankind! Every year, the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) holds an election among its 500 contributing experts for their favorite newly discovered species. Check the list of their "darlings" and the story behind their discovery and naming! ...

Student job vacancies at VLIZ for summer 2020

Added on: 2020-01-28
Each year VLIZ recruits several students working for us in the months of July, August or September. Interested student employees can submit their application via the online form until 30 April 2020. In the first half of May you will be contacted by the HR department. ...

VLIZ develops robot to validate satellite measurements

Added on: 2020-01-28
Scientists use satellite data to gain better insight in algal blooms and sediment transport in coastal waters. Occasionally they have to check the accuracy of this data against measurements made at the spot - at the sea surface - and eventually correct for errors. Traditionally marine scientist undertake expeditions with a research vessel to measure the actual situation. Within the project Hypermaq, the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) developed an automated way of working and created the robot system PANTHYR. This robot is able to collect autonomously more data at sea than was ever possible. A follow-up project now aims at unrolling a network of these robots worldwide. ...

Get started now to guarantee our North Sea a sustainable future in 2050

Added on: 2019-12-19
The Think Thank North Sea is working on a widely supported long-term vision 2050 for the Belgian part of the North Sea. Two working groups set to work in 2019 on the themes 'Working with nature' and 'Living with climate change'. They now come up with recommendations and core principles that stakeholders can take into account in their operations today to guarantee a nice future for our part of the North Sea in 2050. The findings and recommendations of the two working groups are presented in concise and beautifully illustrated vision texts. Everyone can get started with it within his or her field! Whether you are a citizen, a scientist, a policy maker or work in industry. ...

Elektric pulse fishing in the North Sea: historic context and current regulations

Added on: 2019-12-17
What once started as an investigation into an environmentally friendly and fuel-saving alternative to traditional beam trawling in the late 1970s, ends in July 2021 in a ban on pulse fishing in all waters of the European Union. In the Belgian and French 12-mile zone, this ban has been in place since August 14 2019. In this way, the competitive interactions between pulse fishing and other fisheries encouraged by the previous legislation disappeared. However, scientific research has not yet reached a consensus on the impact of pulse fishing on the marine environment. The European Union therefore allows future research into the technology of pulse fishing under strict conditions. A Policy Information Brief by ILVO, UGent and VLIZ outlines the current state of research into pulse fishing in the North Sea. It covers technological, legal, ecological and socio-economic aspects, and objectively discusses the effects of pulse fishing. ...

European culinary competition with sustainable seafood: now for young chefs and waiters

Added on: 2019-12-04
The newest 2020 edition of the culinary competition Olivier Roellinger calls on to work with sustainable fish and to provide a motivated explanation to customers. The competition is open to young chefs and students from European catering schools who personally want to contribute to the conservation of marine resources and the protection of the seas and ocean. New this year is the separate competition for waiters in training. Deadline for submission is due 8 January. The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) is partner in this competition and hopes to welcome a lot of applications from Belgium and the Netherlands! ...

VLIZ celebrates its 20th birthday - kick-off festive year 2020 at the Ostend football stadium

Added on: 2019-11-28
The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) exists for twenty years. And this has to be celebrated! On Thursday 28 November, the kick-off of the 2020 party year was given in the Versluys Arena in Ostend. A new VLIZ video and an audio expo with stories from 20 privileged witnesses were launched. In order to be able to celebrate the birthday with its extensive network, VLIZ organizes various activities during the entire festive year 2020 with the central theme 'VLIZ breaks boundaries'. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for more! ...