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Oral Presentation Award

Since 2010, every year in February-March the attendants of the annual VLIZ Marine Science Day select the best oral presentation. Since 2016, a winner is awarded at both pre-doc and post-doc level.

Each year the VLIZ Marine Science Day sheds light on the diversity, quality and importance of marine research in Flanders through an extensive poster session and a selection of pitch presentations.

The best oral presentation is chosen by those present. In the past the best oral presentation was chosen by a professional jury as well. Since 2016, a winner is awarded at both pre-doc and post-doc level.The winners are awarded € 150.

The winners of the VLIZ Oral Presentation Award 2018 are selected:

Pre-Doc presentations

Willem Stock – The BIO-tide project: The role of microbial biodiversity in the functioning of marine tidal flat sediments
Ghent University – PAE                                            

pitch presentation:

Post-Doc presentations

Nina DehnhardForaging distribution, habitat preferences and diet of Antarctic petrels, cape petrels and southern fulmarsInter-specific overlap as a consequence of high environmental variability?
Universiteit Antwerpen

pitch presentation:

Former laureates