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Policy Information division

The Policy Information division supports a sustainable and scientifically founded coastal and marine policy by providing policy-relevant scientific information products and concentrates on coastal and marine professionals, scientists, policymakers, industry (Blue Economy) as well as interested target groups within the general public.

The Policy Information division supports a sustainable and scientifically founded policy for the coastal area, the marine areas and the adjacent estuaries by actively providing policy-relevant scientific information. The resulting products are aimed at the marine scientific community, policy makers, industry as well as specific interested target groups. The division is also officially mandated by the Department to represent the marine scientific community in official discussion platforms with regard to the Blue Economy. The list of discussion platforms is updated on a yearly basis and can be consulted in the Strategisch Plan ‘Beleidsadvies Blauwe Economie’ (Dutch).
The Policy Information division’s primary target areas are the Belgian part of the North Sea as well as the Flemish coastal area and adjacent estuaries, but the southern North Sea and the European waters provide a broader frame of reference. Within this scope, there is close collaboration with the network of Flemish marine scientists as well as internal cooperation with the VLIZ Data Centre, Library, Communication and Research division.

For further information about the role of VLIZ and the activities within the Policy Information division within the new convenant you can consult our convenant and the Strategisch Plan ‘Beleidsadvies Blauwe Economie’.


  • Compendium for Coast and Sea: an integrated information document on the socio-economic, ecological and institutional aspects of the coast and sea in Flanders and Belgium.
  • Policy support: policy-informing briefs, projects for integrated and sustainable coastal zone management, data and information systems.
  • Indicators: indicator sets for sustainable and integrated management of coastal and marine areas as well as estuaries.
  • Products and projects: e.g. history of marine sciences, history of Belgian sea fisheries, history of oyster farming in Flanders, list of alien marine species in Belgium and the Belgian register of marine and coastal species.

Divisional head: Hans Pirlet

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