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Scientific Board

The Scientific Board is a compact steering committee giving high-quality and scientifically sound advice to the Governing Board during quarterly meetings. In addition, the members of the Scientific Board ensure an effective information flow to the Flemish marine research community.

Agenda and reports

The agenda of the Scientific Board consists of the following components:

  • an explanation of all current and planned activities of VLIZ;
  • subjects of discussion as to strategic matters and specific questions from the Governing Board (e.g. new projects, new cooperation agreements, procedure and advice for new investments in scientific equipment, etc.);
  • formulation of advice to the Governing Board;
  • initiation and monitoring of Expert Groups; the open part of the meeting is attended by the chairs of the Expert Groups upon invitation.

The minutes and informative annexes are publicly available on the VLIZ website. The confidential part is only available to the Scientific Board and the Governing Board (e.g. the informative annex ‘list of requested projects and new internal initiatives’).


The Scientific Board consists of 16 members and the composition reflects the inter-university and interdisciplinary character of VLIZ.  In this respect  attention is also paid to good cooperation with the Flemish administrations and the federal government. The Flemish scientific institutions with marine activities each receive one representative. The Flemish universities each receive one or two representatives, taking into account the university’s size and the number of marine research groups active there.

By signing a declaration of commitment / loyalty / confidentiality, the members of the Scientific Board confirm they will ensure the information flow within their own institution as well.

The Scientific Board is currently composed as follows:

Attend the meetings: