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Southern Netherlandish Prize Papers Research

The Prize Papers Collection, preserved at the National Archives in Kew (UK), contains shipboard documents captured from enemy ships by the British Admiralty, from the late 17th to the early 19th century. These sources hold great potential for research on the maritime history of the Southern Netherlands, and have not been valorized in a Flemish context before. In collaboration with national and international partners, VLIZ  has initiated thematic research on this unique historical material, with an initial focus on the period of the War of the Spanish Succession (1702-1714).

With this research project, VLIZ aims to stimulate research in the field of maritime history in Flanders, both by conducting original research and by facilitating collaboration on this source material. To this end, multiple research themes are being developed and further contextual material is being collected. Initial themes include: the use of the sea as a resource by Southern Netherlandish privateers, new insights on Mediterranean connections with the North Sea (1704 - 1711), and the socio-cultural context of Ostend & Dunkirk privateering communities. Some research themes are being explored by VLIZ, while others are developed in collaboration with Flemish and international research groups.

Contact VLIZ for more information on this research project: Wim De Winter and Michiel Vandegehuchte