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‘VLIZ Alien Species Consortium’ Expert Group

The inventory of alien species is a first step in the development of a scientific basis for adequate management measures to address this problem. This network consists of approximately 50 experts from about 20 different institutes and results in close cooperation.

In June 2006 VLIZ launched the project ‘Non-indigenous species of the Belgian part of the North Sea and adjacent estuaries’ to prepare for the information requirements within the scope of the European and international marine policy. The initiative provides an information platform for scientifically founded information with regard to alien species in marine and coastal areas in Belgium. The information is systematically collected from scientific literature and by means of validated observations by experts and biologists working in the field.

The platform is supported by a core group (VLIZ secretariat, communication and information management) as well as a network of experts who actively provide observations and sources, and ensure the information’s quality. The consortium systematically collects and records new observations so that they are available to end users (scientists, policy makers, interested members of the public).

The information is available online via the ‘alien species’ portal of Coastal Wiki and via a report published in July 2012. These information products contain a list of non-indigenous marine and coastal species, fact sheets with extensive information on the species’ life cycle and ecology, method of introduction and distribution, potential effects or measurable impact on the environment, possible measures, taxonomic information, pictures and relevant links. The consortium is faced with the permanent challenge of updating and further developing the information products. Indeed, the demand for information is constantly increasing and changing.


For more information: Thomas Verleye

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You can find more information online via the ‘alien species’ portal of Coastal Wiki.

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