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VLIZ Members' Day

Every year General Director Jan Mees and his team invite all its members for a VLIZ members’ day to thank the loyal members for their years of support and to get to know our newer members better.

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VLIZ Members' Day 2017 - Shellfish Inside Out

On Friday 23 June 2017, VLIZ organises a unique event for its members in its home base in Ostend.

This edition is centered around shellfish. Together with marine professionals, VLIZ staff and SeaWatchers, you unravel all the secrets of the shells on our North Sea beaches. Choose two workshops from the wide range of activities and join the reception afterwards.

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18h: Reception with coffee & welcome

19h: Workshops

Seek shells on the beach under the guidance of SeaWatchers
With the nose in the wind and the eyes fixed on a delimited piece of beach. This way you experience how the SeaWatch-B beach observation network follows the evolution of shellfish on the beach. You learn from these professionals how to sample shells in a standardized way. That helps you map the changes in our part of the North Sea (building at sea, exotic species that influence their impact, climate impact ...).

Learn how to identify shells with the help of marine professionals
A cockle, pullet carpet shell, Baltic tellin, dog whelk, European wenteltrap ... Maybe you've hit some of these shells on a beach walk? But what makes these species so special? And how do you recognize them? During this workshop you will learn about the look and lifestyle of these animals. With identification keys we set you up to work. Those who have special shells from our coast at home can bring them along.

Design beach flowers with the explanation of shells as payment
Those who want to enjoy extra beach fun this summer can learn tips and tricks to make beautiful and colorful creations with crepe paper, sticks, adhesive tape and iron wire. We learn how to sell these paper beach flowers, together with your children or grandchildren, with shells as payment. A tradition on our coast for big and small.

VLIZ employees show you their work on shellfish
Have you ever looked how shellfish filters water, how a wulk crawls or how a mussel sticks to a rock? This lab demonstration almost literally gives you an insight into the housing of these fascinating animals. In addition, you get information about the work of our WoRMS Editors, taxonomic experts who provide the reference list of, among other things, all shellfish in the world.

How sustainable is the consumption of shellfish?
Shellfish occur in the kitchen, but how sustainable is the fishing or cultivation of these delicacies? VLIZ employee Nancy Fockedey gives you an overview of the edible seafood in the Belgian market, and a background in the way of life, harvest and sustainability of these species.

Cooking with shellfish
Seafood like "knives", whelk, squid and shellfish are a real touch for our taste buds. With the tips of our gastronomist Maarten Du Bois, you will learn with a limited budget to make a delicious seafood banquet.

21: 00-22: 30: Reception


Marien Station Oostende
Halve Maan Site
Slipwaykaai 2
8400 Oostende


This evening is offered free of charge to all VLIZ members.
Registration is necessary, no later than June 20, 2017.

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Earlier editions

VLIZ Members’ Day 2016

All members were welcomed at the renewed Marine Station Ostend (MSO) at the Slipwaykaai near the site Halve Maan for a cosy and informative midsummer activity. At 19:00 the guided tours started along the Eastern Bank, an area where nature, heritage, fisheries and other maritime activities, together with residential estate are looking for a common modus vivendi. The area also harbours an interesting history of Flanders’ marine science.  Expert guides (Dutch speaking) shed more light on all these aspects, including the secrets of the military heritage (Fort Napoleon and bunkers of both World wars) present in the coastal dunes. Finally, a demo of the beach observation network 'SeaWatch-B' took place, one of the philanthropy projects set up by VLIZ through the financial support of members fees and donations. We closed off with a reception at the Marine Station Ostend.

Pictures of the event can be consulted online on the VLIZ website at the following link.