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Research centres

The research at VLIZ will be serviced by multidisciplinary research centres, or Centres of Excellence. Centres of Excellence are or will be (further) developed to become world-level knowledge and infrastructure hubs, with the involvement of multiple VLIZ divisions.

Such research centres create visibility for VLIZ, Flanders and its marine research community in the international marine research context and are assets in collaborative research. They will be instrumental in various research themes and will also generate research through continuous improvement of their services and technologies.

  • The VLIZ Marine Data Centre is well established and internationally renowned. Through its data systems and infrastructures, the further valorisation of the growing amount of marine data will be pursued using the latest data analysis techniques and data mining technologies.
  • The Marine Robotics Centre is currently being expanded. Its presently available Remotely Operated Vehicle ‘Genesis’ will be complemented with other marine robotics and associated equipment, workspace, development and testing facilities.
  • Through the Marine Imaging & Visualization Centre we aim to advance how we generate and process images of diverse aspects of the marine environment, above and below the ocean’s surface. This centre of excellence valorises the imaging and visualization equipment available at VLIZ.
  • A master plan for the design and organization of a Multi-Environment Marine Experiment Centre will (funds permitting) be developed by 2020.

For more detailed information on our Centres of Excellence we refer to the VLIZ Research Strategy.