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‘VLIZINE contact points’ Expert Group

An Expert Group consisting of members of marine university research groups and scientific institutions is regularly consulted on recent research in their institution and field of study. This information is included in the VLIZINE e-zine.

The electronic newsletter VLIZINE is published every month and provides information on VLIZ activities as well as on the activities of marine research and policy groups in Flanders. It also includes announcements of new projects and publications, events, vacancies, fairs, doctoral defences, etc. as well as new scientific findings regarding the coast, seas and oceans.

This practical information on research and policy is collected for and by Flemish marine scientists, and this can be taken literally! When drawing up the newsletter, VLIZ makes use of a network of members of marine university research groups and scientific institutions. These VLIZINE contact points are regularly invited by e-mail to communicate what takes place at their institution and in their field of study. They also often forward this information spontaneously and provide inspiration to the editorial team for writing new articles.


The members of this Expert Group:

Tom Artois (UHasselt) – Veerle Ausloos (AoE) – Cécile Baeteman (KBIN) – Margaret Chen (VUB) – Simon Claus (VLIZ) – An Cliquet (UGent) – Adrian Covaci (UA) – Farid Dahdouh-Guebas (VUB & ULB) – Irina De Landtsheer (INBO) – Kristin de Lichtervelde (UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE) – Pieter Deckers (UGent) – Ine Demerre (AOE) – Charlotte Devriendt (Kust) – Frederik Roose (aMT) – Ann Govaerts (aMT) – Marilaure Grégoire (ULG) – Kris Hostens (ILVO) – Tine Huyse (KU Leuven) – Viki Kruyniers (WL) – Luc Lavrysen (UGent) – Frederik Leliaert (UGent) – Ann-Katrien Lescrauwaet (VLIZ) – Heike Lust (VLIZ) – Sigrid Maebe (BMM) – Frank Maes (UGent) – Pieter Mathys (UGent) – Jan Mees (VLIZ) – Tom Moens (UGent) – Jan Parmentier (MAS) – Zjef Pereboom (KMDA) – Alex Pieters (UGent) – Geert Raeymaekers (Dienst Marien Milieu) – Koen Sabbe (UGent) – Eric Stienen (INBO) – Stijn Temmerman (UA) – Mieke Uyttendaele (UGent) – Valerie Lehouck (UGent) – Carl Van Coolen (UGent) – Saskia Van Gaever (Dienst Marien Milieu) – Koen Van Muylem (INBO) – Sandra Van Waeyenberge (INBO) – Michiel Vandegehuchte  (UGent) – Els Vanderperren (ILVO) – Guy Vandevoorde (VBNC De Nachtegaal) – Thierry Vanelslander (UA) – Ann Vanreusel (UGent) – Inge Zeebroek (AOE) – Filip Volckaert (KU Leuven) – Jef Vrelust (MAS) – Maja Wolny (NAVIGO)


For more information: Jan Seys, Nancy Fockedey and Karen Rappé

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