Han Lindeboom | 53rd European Marine Biology Symposium (EMBS)

Theme: Science in the North Sea


Han Lindeboom is professor in Marine Ecology at Wageningen University and Senior Advisor at both Royal NIOZ and Wageningen Marine Research in the Netherlands. In the past he worked on the nitrogen cycle in a penguin rookery, carbon mineralization in Dutch coastal waters, sea grasses in Indonesia and applied ecological research in Wadden Sea and North Sea. Major topics include: eutrophication, (micro)pollution, effects of fisheries, impact of wind farms, marine spatial planning and Marine Protected Areas in the Dutch part of the North Sea. He was member or chairman of many (inter)national scientific committees.
In 2011 he received the Honorary Medal for Arts and Sciences in the House Order of Orange from HM Queen Beatrix for his contribution to Dutch Marine Science. He now is a strong advocate of a ∆-plan to save the Caribbean coral reefs.