Matthias Obst | 53rd European Marine Biology Symposium (EMBS)

Theme: Science in a modern era

University of Gothenburg

Dr. Matthias Obst has 15 years of experience as academic researcher, infrastructure developer, project manager and entrepreneur in the marine environmental sector. Obst obtained his PhD from Aarhus University in Denmark and spent subsequent years working as a postdoc at Kristineberg Marine Biological Stations on the West coast of Sweden. His background is in systematics, ecology and conservation of marine benthic invertebrates and he works today on the interface between marine science, marine infrastructure, and e-infrastructure to explore new opportunities offered by increasingly connected scientific communities.
He is an active member of initiatives like the e-infrastructure program for European marine biodiversity research (LifeWatch), the Genomics observatories (GO), and the Island Digital Ecosystem Avatar (IDEA). One of the major themes in his research is to facilitate transcending understanding of the state of marine ecosystems (i.e. from the past to the future) by using different sources of data, methods, models, and infrastructure.