How to get there

From Brussels airport: take a train to Ghent (Sint-Pieters station). There are about 4 trains per hour, some of these require a change of train in a Brussels station (Brussels Midi is easiest), some are direct (but can take longer if they stop at more stations between Brussels and Ghent – check the digital notice boards at the platforms). The train journey takes about 1-1.30 hour.

From any Brussels train station: try to take a direct train to Ghent which doesn’t stop at every village between Brussels and Ghent (check the digital notice boards at the platforms). A direct train takes about 30 mins, if you’re on a stop train you better have a good read with you.

When you arrive in Ghent Sint-Pieters station: take tram 1 (direction Evergem) in front of the station’s main entrance and get of at tram stop ‘Korenmarkt’. The main hotels and the conference venue are all within walking distance. Check out the maps below for directions and locations.

You can take a taxi but taxis are expensive in Ghent, and once you are in the centre, everything is within walking distance.

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