Creating a long-term infrastructure for MARine Biodiversity research
in the European economic area and the Newly Associated states
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The Eigth MARBENA e-conference will run for two weeks, from 15 to 26 November 2004:

Marine biodiversity research that matters!

Conference chairs:


The following case studies will be addressed:

Topic Starting date Title Introduced by
1 15 November Introduction Carlo Heip
2 15 November Species Invasions: Marine bio-invasions and research policy - Ballast water as vehicle for exotic marine species invasions Sergej Olenin
3a 16 November Fisheries - Management of fish resources - The Baltic Sea Henn Ojaveer
3b 17 November Fisheries - Marine Protected Areas in the North Sea: To protect fisheries or biodiversity? - The Plaice Box Han Lindeboom
4 18 November Marine Protected Areas: Natura 2000 and beyond (OSPAR) - The Azores Ricardo Serrão Santos
5 19 November Eutrophication - Nitrogen input in coastal waters Ies de Vries
6 22 November Exploitation - Exploitation of shellfish in the Wadden Sea, project EVA II Wim Wolff
25 - 26 November General discussions and synthesis Carlo Heip

Within each case, the discussion will be focused on the success or failure of the INTERACTION between scientists, policymakers and the public at large. Preferably each discussion should end with a list of factors that positively or negatively influenced the interactions between science-policy-public, their effects on the overall success or failure of the case, and recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the interaction. The input of policymakers is warmly welcomed.

General coordination: Carlo Heip ,Herman Hummel and Pim van Avesaath
Web site and conference hosted by VLIZ