Creating a long-term infrastructure for MARine Biodiversity research
in the European economic area and the Newly Associated states
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The fifth MARBENA e-conference will run for two weeks, from 6 to 17 October 2003:

Genetic Biodiversity in Marine Ecosystems

Chaired by: Dr Keith Hiscock

The e-conference is scheduled around 3 topics. Chairpersons will introduce the topic and invite contributions from subscribers to the e-conference. The topics have three days each to run intensively but comments can still be contributed until the closure date of the conference. The programme is:

TopicStarting dateTitleIntroduced by
6 October "Introduction and overview " S.J. Hawkins & K. Hiscock
16-8 October "Measuring managing and conserving genetic resources in natural marine systems " T. Backeljau & F. Maltagliati
29-10,13 October "Measuring, managing and conserving genetic diversity in aquaculture and fisheries" B.J. McAndrew & R. Law
314-16 October "Effects of human activities in altering genetic characteristics and gene flow in the marine environment" M. Abbiati & F. Viard
17 October "Synthesis & Closure" K. Hiscock

General coordination: Carlo Heip ,Herman Hummel and Pim van Avesaath
Web site and conference hosted by VLIZ