Creating a long-term infrastructure for MARine Biodiversity research
in the European economic area and the Newly Associated states
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The Seventh MARBENA e-conference will run for three weeks, from 6 to 24 September 2004:

The Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea: New challenges for marine biodiversity research and monitoring

Conference chairs:

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The programme is:

SESSION 1: Eastern and Southern Mediterranean
Topic Starting date Title Introduced by
1 6 September "The role of top predators (incl. gelatinous organisms) and large nekton (incl. whales & dolphins, seals, sharks, turtles) for biodiversity" Ahmet KIDEYS & Alessandro DE MADDALENA
2 7 September "Monitoring studies on marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean, with special reference to Eastern and Southern Countries" Chedly RAIS
3 8 September "Historical data sets and grey literature: the value of 'real' data and the need for quality control" Samir GRIMES, Izdihar AMMAR, Paolo MAGNI
4 9 September "New techniques, tools and approaches to study marine biodiversity at the regional (Mediterranean) scale" Lovrenc LIPEJ & Andreja RAMSAK
5 10 September "Do we need a revision of our biodiversity research agenda?" Ferdinando BOERO

SESSION 2: Joint session on Eastern and Southern Mediterranean, and Black Sea
Topic Starting date Title Introduced by
1 13 September "Endangered biodiversity and management of marine protected areas, wetlands, lagoons, estuaries and seagrass meadows" Samir GRIMES, Izdihar AMMAR, Marian GOMOIU & Paolo MAGNI
2 14 September "Biodiversity conservation, impact of human activities, environmental policy and public awareness" Andreas DEMETROPOULOS
3 15 September "Climate change and exotic/invasive species" Jakov DULCIC & Tamara SHIGANOVA
4 16 September "Environmental variability and biodiversity predictability: data collection and ocean models - what to do?" Temel OGUZ, Izdihar AMMAR, Samir GRIMES & Paolo MAGNI
5 17 September "Regional and international cooperation and comparative situations in the Mediterranean and Black Seas (CIESM, Regional Seas Programmes: MAP, Black Sea Programme, IOI, MAMA network, etc.)" Izdihar AMMAR, Samir GRIMES, Paolo MAGNI, Alenka MALEJ & Snejana MONCHEVA

SESSION 3: Black Sea
Topic Starting date Title Introduced by
1 20 September "From taxonomy to patterns and processes - the problem of "classical taxonomist guild extinction" and the need to develop advance biodiversity research in the Black Sea" Snejana MONCHEVA
2 21 September "Microbiota, deep sea biodiversity and unexploited habitats - the neglected biodiversity" Serena FONDA-UMANI
3 22 September "In search of pressure-state-response biodiversity indicators: extending science to policy" Christos ARVANITIDIS, Valentina TODOROVA & Luydmila KAMBURSKA

Starting date
23-24 September "Comments & discussions on summaries of all sessions, general discussions, and synthesis"
General coordination: Carlo Heip ,Herman Hummel and Pim van Avesaath
Web site and conference hosted by VLIZ