Creating a long-term infrastructure for MARine Biodiversity research
in the European economic area and the Newly Associated states
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The Sixth MARBENA e-conference will run for two weeks, from 13 to 30 April 2004:

Sustaining livelihoods and Biodiversity - Attaining the 2010 target in the European Biodiversity Strategy

Chaired by: Chris Emblow

The e-conference is scheduled around three main topics divided into five sessions. Session 1-3 and 4-5 will run parallel among each other. Chairpersons will introduce the topic and hereby invite contributions from subscribers to the e-conference. The programme is:

TopicStarting dateTitleIntroduced by
13 April "Welcome and introduction" Chris Emblow
113-23 April "BAP Fish - fishstock biodiversity" Einar Eg Nielsen and Uwe Piatkowski
213-23 April "BAP Fish - non-target species biodiversity" Michel Kaiser , Henn Ojaveer and Melanie Austen
313-23 April "BAP Fish - Aquaculture" Ioannis Karakassis
426-30 April "BAP Natural resources" Adrianna Ianora and Jon Davies
526-30 April "BAP Economic development" Need to find chair

General coordination: Carlo Heip ,Herman Hummel and Pim van Avesaath
Web site and conference hosted by VLIZ