Creating a long-term infrastructure for MARine Biodiversity research
in the European economic area and the Newly Associated states
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The third MARBENA e-conference will run for two weeks, from 7 to 17th April 2003:

Marine Biodiversity in the S-Mediterranean and the Black Sea

What is our knowledge? Do we know what we do not know or will never know? But does it really matter?


The e-conference is scheduled around 4 topics. The chairpersons will open the discussion each day and prepare summaries that will be posted on the website.

TopicStarting dateTitleIntroduced by
17 April "Phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthos Prof. Ferdinando Boero
28 April "Fish and commercially exploited invertebrates." ?
39 April "Identification of "hot spots" of species/habitat diversity and productivity." Prof. John Stuart Gray
310 April "Identification of the critical information gaps." ?
311 April "Identification of the drivers of change." Prof. Carlos Duarte
314 April "Does Marine Biodiversity matters?" ?
315 - 17 April "themes to be addressed by Bioplatform" ?
17-20 September Opportunity to send comments and continue discussions on summaries of sessions 1 to 3; general discussion, loose ends and synthesis.

General coordination: Carlo Heip ,Herman Hummel and Pim van Avesaath
Web site and conference hosted by VLIZ