Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models (MUMM)
MUMM is a scientific institute belonging to the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. Research focuses on North Sea ecosystems with key activities relating to impact monitoring, development of mathematical models, decision making processes at national and international level, and data and information management. MUMM manages the Belgian oceanographic vessel RV Belgica

Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ)
VLIZ is the coordination and information platform for marine scientific research in Flanders. Major activities are the management of the Flanders Marine Data and Information Centre, the Infodesk, the Sea Library and the research vessel Simon Stevin.

Federal Public Service Economy, Self-employed, SME's and Energy
This service contributes to the sustainable management of natural resources by regulating the exploitation of sand and gravel in the Belgian territorial sea and continental shelf. Apart from legislation tasks, main activities relate to the monitoring of the extraction activities and their effects on the marine environment from a morpho-sedimentary perspective.

Flanders Hydraulics Research (FHR)
FHR is a division of the Technical Support Services of the Department of Mobility and Public Works of the Flemish Government. Key assignments relate to optimization of hydraulic constructions; safe and smooth manoeuvrability of ships in Flemish harbours and on Flemish inland waterways; and efficient management of the water levels of the Flemish watercourses and effective measures to combat the consequences of water shortage or flooding.

Ghent University, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Coastal Engineering
The main fields of expertise of the research group are the design, construction and monitoring of coastal structures, and the experimental and numerical modeling of wave propagation and interaction with coastal structures. Applying this expertise, the research group is in addition active in the field of renewable energy (wave, tide, offshore wind).

Belgian navy, Research group
The Belgian Navy is actively involved in the monitoring and protection of Belgian Waters. Our interest relates mainly to the detection and behaviour of sea mines in shallow water, a heritage of the two World Wars. Research is conducted on sediment dynamics to establish mine burial risk and environmental monitoring.

Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services, Coastal Division, Flemish Hydrography

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