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Information exchange - digital library

Joint efforts are directed towards the collection and digitization of literature on marine and coastal sciences in Kenya.


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Data rescue - data exchange

Data sets, resulting from marine research in Kenya, are being rescued from grey literature and made accessible to the scientific community through different databases.


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Capacity building

Actions are undertaken towards capacity building through sharing of expertise, training sessions, education, infrastructure and technology development.


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Communication and outreach

Activities are undertaken towards promoting public awareness and understanding of the Kenyan coastal and marine ecosystems and the importance of marine research for the maintenance of the natural resources the coast and ocean provide.


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Collaborative research projects will be developed and executed between KMFRI, and its coastal and marine science network in Kenya, and VLIZ, and its coastal and marine science network in Flanders, Belgium.


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Field work

Joint field work, research expeditions, experiments, monitoring and observation programmes will be organized within the frame of the MoU between VLIZ and KMFRI.


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