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RV Mtafiti Workshop - output

More pictures

Presentations and reports

Opening session

Aims and Objectives of the workshop

Presenting the trainers

Meeting the participants

Session 1: Introducing RV Mtafiti

RV Zeeleeuw (now RV Mtafiti) in the Belgian Part of the North Sea: sharing experiences

RV Mtafiti scientific strategy plan

Opportunities for RV Mtafiti in the Second International Indian Ocean Expedition

Session 2: Operating a research vessel

Planning and budgeting for a scientific cruise

Session 3: Sampling equipment for oceanographic and fisheries research

Overview of fisheries techniques in Kenyan EEZ and sampling equipment at KMFRI

Instruments onboard RV Mtafiti

Overview of potential fisheries techniques for Kenyan EEZ

Group discussion for opportunities for joint research - report

Session 4: Data management

Data Management - CTD data

Data Management - Monthly cruise

Data Management Plan of IOC of UNESCO

Session 5: Developing a scientific cruise plan

Session 6: Two-day training onboard RV Mtafiti

Cruise report - Andre Cattrijsse

Cruise report - TEAM 1

Cruise report - TEAM 2

Cruise report - TEAM 3

Session 7: Social activity: visiting a natural resource management project in Bamburi, Mombasa

Haller Park - A quarry rehabilitation program to protect local biodiversity

Session 8: Data Management - storage and processing of collected data

Underway data

CTD data

Station data

Zooplankton samples

Data analysis and visualization

Discussion - report